Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety for Early Learning and Childcare

Why is cyber resilience and internet safety so important?

Children and young people are spending an increasing amount of time learning, playing and socialising in online environments. Our roadmap can help you to understand where they are on that journey and the type of support they may require

Embedding the experience & outcome ​through a practical play-based approach

This session recording aims is to support and equip you with the knowledge and confidence to embed cyber resilience and internet safety at early level through a practical play-based approach. This session will explain where Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety sits within the Technologies curriculum and where it overlaps with the Health and Wellbeing, Numeracy and Maths and Literacy and English curriculum, and why it is so important to embed across your curriculum. We will unpick the CRIS experience and outcome and explore what this means in the context of play and how it can be part of everyday conversations, and what this might look like in your own settings.

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