Embedding Digital Learning Through Play Pedagogy

Digital technologies provide opportunities for us to design unique learning spaces for the children. Bringing resources and experiences virtually into the setting can lead learning well-beyond what was originally planned. 

Realising the Ambition | Learning resources | National Improvement Hub (education.gov.scot) (page 79) 


Learning with and through digital technology opens so many possibilities for creativity. Realising the Ambition tells us that creativity is about much more that the expressive arts, it is the ability to wonder about things and see them or use them differently, a crucial element of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). 

Embedding Digital Literacy & Computing Science through play pedagogy 

This 60 minute session recording introduces you to the Digital Literacy and Computing Science organisers within the Technologies curriculum at early level.  Our national policy and curriculum documents tell us digital should be at the heart of good learning and teaching and through current examples in photo and video format, this session will demonstrate what this might look like.  We will explore how the Digital Literacy and Computing Science experiences and outcomes can be embedded across the early level curriculum through a practical play-based approach. Early level Digital Literacy and Computing Science can be further explored below. 


How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare (HGIOLEC) QI 3.3: Developing creativity and skills for life and learning, theme Developing digital skills (page 45). 

How good is our early learning and childcare? (education.gov.scot) 


Some challenge questions to consider include: 

  • What can we do to ensure we are enhancing learning through the use of digital technologies?​ 
  • Are children encouraged to recognise a range of technologies and their purpose in the setting, at home and the local environment?   
  • Do children know how to operate simple technological equipment? 

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