St. John’s: Community Ambassador Passports

At today’s session in St. John’s, our Community Ambassador teams spent time reflecting and thinking about the work we have been doing together in the programme.

Looking at the themes of  Human Dignity, Empathy, Trust and Kindness our Ambassadors completed their Community Ambassadors Passports, some examples of which you can see here below.

Ambassadors wrote and drew the most important messages and issues that have come up for them during our time together.

In our Passports, we’re beginning to think about our ideas on how to talk with adults about the issues that are important to us. We are starting to think about what we want adults to THINK, FEEL & DO when we ask for support.

We hope that you like our Passports 😁

If you or anyone you know would like to take part in a workshop with us, please leave a note for Graeme and Beth in the comments below 👍

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