Flora Stevenson: Sandy’s Story revisited

Last week the Community Ambassadors helped to rewrite Sandy’s Story. The Ambassadors listened to the story and then thought about the difficulties Sandy faced, their suggested changes included giving him his own room and a friendly school where everyone was kind.

We read through the Ambassadors’ new story and found examples of trust, empathy, kindness and human dignity. To help us understand what these mean for other children we watched the videos that the Children’s Parliament Investigates Bullying Project had made.

Watch a short film about Trusthttps://youtu.be/X4ntEFpR_80

Watch a short film about empathyhttps://youtu.be/U-7lgaBn86M

Watch a short film about kindnesshttps://youtu.be/NZPf86NcTJ4

Watch a short film about human dignityhttps://youtu.be/cY0WbfXWOqM

Look what we found in P7 classroom – Dignometers proudly displayed with the Class Charter.  Hope these serve as great reminders of the importance of human dignity being central to children’s human rights discussions.

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