Abbeyhill: Community Ambassadors meet the NHS

Seven of our Community Ambassadors facilitated a workshop for Scottish Government and NHS representatives, working together to look at the programme themes of Human Dignity, empathy, trust and kindness which children have identified as being the most important values they want and need from adults.

Together, children and adults took part in activities to consider and discuss those themes, having a conversation about what children want and need from adults, learning from and with each other about how and when we show each other empathy and kindness. By experiencing these values in our relationships, we develop a confidence and trust in adults which enhances our feelings of Human Dignity and safety.

We’d like to thank our friends from Scottish Government and the NHS for making the workshop such a positive experience for our Community Ambassadors.

We include here some of the pledges our friends made on how they will make the lives of children healthier, happier and safer.

“I will……..
Keep exploring
Keep asking questions
Keep listening
And make sure I cat on what I learn
– Harriet

I will………….
Make sure that I do my work in a way that always takes into account what children and young people think and find creative ways to involve children and young people.
– Hazel Crawford

You can see more pledges on our “Adult Pledges” page on this blog.

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