Flora Stevenson: Ambassador Passports

Our Community Ambassadors in Flora Stevenson’s have been reflecting and thinking about the work we have been doing together in the programme.

To help with this Ambassadors have been provided with Community Ambassadors Passports and individually they have been thinking about the themes of Human Dignity, Empathy, Trust and Kindness and placing their thoughts and messages into their passports.

In our passport we’re beginning to think about the important messages we want to send to adults and about the workshops we are going to develop so that we can ask adults what we want them to Think – Feel & Do when we ask them for support.

You can see what our passports look like here;


Simon has drawn a tree of Human Dignity where the roots of kindness feed and produce leaves of trust and empathy and blooms into a flower of human dignity.

Our message to adults is; If you or anyone you know would like to take part in a workshop with our Ambassadors please leave Graeme and Beth a message in the comments session below. All welcome!


Children’s Parliament is my favourite thing at school right now!  All of these things –  Human Dignity, Empathy, Trust, Kindness wrap into each other. There would be no human dignity without empathy, trust and kindness in the world.” Mina

Human Dignity is about everyone being equal and their voices being equal.” Kain

“I feel like I understand trust and empathy and I’m quite emotional because I understand life more.” Olivia


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  1. It’s excellent to see all of the learning coming together in the ambassador passports! I think it’s really valuable for the children to have the time to talk about how empathy, trust and kindness are important in their lives to preserve human dignity. I feel that I’ve learned a lot by reading and listening to all the different perspectives.

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