Children's Parliament Investigates Bullying

Welcome to Children’s Parliament

At Children’s Parliament, we believe that adults can learn a lot from children. We want to create safe and creative child-led ways to help adults listen and learn.

The Children’s Parliament Investigates Bullying project was a great success across our 8 partner primary schools. The film and newspaper report captured the amazing work the children did. You can find these here:

During our Investigates Bullying project we heard children talk about how communities need to be a safer for them. They also said that adults in the community need to be better at understanding children’s views and should think about what they can do to help children be happy and safe in the community.

So, in our Community Ambassadors Programme our Community Ambassadorschildren from 4 schools across Edinburgh, will develop and deliver workshops for adults and agencies in their local communities. These workshops will highlight children’s views, their questions and their messages to adults about bullying and children’s human dignity.

We invite you to use this blog with and for our Community Ambassadors. We hope that you will leave comments on the blog posts and take the opportunity to have conversations, share ideas, and set each other challenges, across all generations that make up our communities.

We would love for this blog to become a “living space”, where we learn from each other, listen to each other and grow ideas for change to create a safer world for children.