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Values Lecture Reflection – 25/09/18

The lecture in which had the main focus of racism evoked a true reflection of myself and my values.  Although it is an extremely sensitive topic, it is necessary that we, as teachers, understand it.

Racism is engrained within our society and can come in many forms. In the case of Emmet Till – a 14 year old boy from the south-side of Chicago – the false allegations formed through racist thoughts and views had a negative and upsetting outcome.  He was kidnapped, beaten and murdered over the accusation of flirting or touching the hand of a white woman.  The racism faced here is blatantly evident. Despite this case being dated and uncontemporary, it is still relevant within modern society.

As a Primary Teacher I wish to prevent stories like this by successfully educating the younger children about the effects and impact of racism.  This is essential so that there is a change in racist views.