Values Workshop Reflection

The first values workshop provided a very thought-provoking experience with the core focus surrounding structural inequalities. Unaware of this, we participated in a very cunning practice which unknowingly allowed us to experience these inequalities first-hand. 

Upon arrival the class was split evenly into 4 groups of approximately 8. Within these groups we were presented with brown envelops in which contained, what we thought to be, the same resources. Soon after we were instructed to use these resources to create something in which a new student at the University of Dundee would find beneficial.  Having opened my groups envelope and finding an array of bright colours, clips and stationary, we were overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities.  Engrossed by the task, our awareness of the other groups was overshadowed; hence we were unknowledgeable of the limited resources and belittling comments the others received from the lecturer.

This reveals the subliminal message that most of those who are privileged are less mindful of the unjust treatment of others. We are often too consumed in our own fortune to realise that others are ‘making do’ with the limited resources they have – this represents the situation we were presented with during the workshop. As an aspiring Primary Teacher, I believe the lesson learned within the workshop was vital to my personal development as it reminded me that the children I come in contact with throughout my career will all have different backgrounds and upbringings.  Henceforth I will be mindful of such inequalities in my future practice.

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