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My Journey into the Teaching Profession

Selecting a career path is a daunting and unnerving time with the tiresome “what do you want to do when you leave school” question being constantly repeated. This question, however, never intimidated me (like it did others) as through volunteer work and work experience I was confident that Primary Teaching was my future career path.  I believe in the philosophy that if you choose a job you have a passion for, you will never work a day in your life: hence my decision to become a Primary Teacher.

My passion for Primary Teaching was nurtured by my volunteer work as an assistant dance coach. I was unaware, at first, that the enjoyment I felt whilst undertaking this work was from the self-fulfilment of teaching and positively influencing the children’s lives. Through the small accomplishment of being able to communicate with a young girl who spoke little English, I realised the sense of achievement gained everyday within the teaching profession. Thereafter I undertook work experience within a Primary School and Nursery where I experienced, first-hand, the sheer impact and importance of a teacher. It was through these gratifying experiences that I realised Teachers are a pivotal role in a child’s future progress and success so therefore had a yearning to contribute to the shaping of our next generations.

I find the prospect of passing on my knowledge and practical experiences to others exhilarating, thus giving me a great desire to work and tackle the challenges a profession in Primary Education will deliver.