Digital technologies – overall reflection.

Looking back on my time in this module I feel that I have gained some valuable skills. In my first blog post I mentioned how in taking this module I wished to find out more information on what technologies are available for use in the classroom. I feel that I have reached this aspiration as I now know about numerous technologies and have been able to come up with ways in which they could be used in an educational way such as Minecraft and familiarised myself with technologies which are used daily within classes to deliver class material such as Activinspire.

I also mentioned in my first blog post that I felt this module would help me feel more confident in incorporating digital technologies into my lesson plans. I feel that I have grown in confidence in this across my time taking this module as I have been given the opportunity to not only familiarise myself with the different technologies to build my confidence but also build my own lesson plans which use these.

I am also now aware of how important it is for teachers to feel confident in using digital technologies from reading the work of Beauchamp who highlights that “Although teachers may be worried by new technologies… we need to be sure that this is not transmitted to young children”. I am now aware that in having a limited confidence in technologies you may be placing barriers up for your pupils (Beauchamp, 2012).

From taking this module I am now aware of the importance which is placed on technologies in todays curriculum with it being a large part of meeting curricular outcomes. I am glad that this module has allowed me the ability to feel like I could deliver this aspect of the curriculum with confidence.


Beauchamp, G. (2012) ICT in the Primary Classroom: From Pedagogy top Practice. Pearson.




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