Den Building Reflection

Yes, there was a group leader, this leader was not chosen. The leader stepped up and took control of the situation. The leader started conversations on what ideas the group had and allowed all members of the group equal time to share thoughts and ideas insuring that all members of the group felt included. This resulted in a positive ethos for the group as they all knew what goal they were working towards and the group members were working for each other. For me the most challenging thing about working in the group was at the start group members all had different ideas and when dismissing and choosing someone else’s ideas I was conscious and aware that someone else may feel unvalued and may feel their ideas were not listened to, but through conversations and reassurance as a group, we were able to make all team members feel valued. I think the group could have explained a little more clearly as they never discussed the planning stage of their den. However, I think communication would have been different if this was in a classroom and not to your friends and peers. I feel that as I was outside my communication was much more laid back and informal. Changes that I made when explaining could be my body language and how much I showed rather than said. Fortunately, the environment wasn’t to noise however if this was the case you may wait for that noise to pass or use strategies, so you are not competing against the noise. To avoid the environment distracting you can strategically place children where you are the focus or where there is little else to look at. The most challenging part of the negotiations was the impact it had on the former team as