Integrated Arts Week 9

Integrated Arts Week 9

This week we did not have a lecture and instead the second part of the day was a drop-in session for the assignment if people wanted to ask questions etc.

For my weekly blog this week I wanted to present my learning and connections in a more creative way to show that there are more ways other than just text to present information. This is the same for children in school, children learn differently and present their learning different. I have attached a mind map bellow of my connections I made in the music workshop.

The second task in the music workshop was we were to make a banjo out of a paper plate and elastic bands and then make a harmonica out of lollipop sticks, straws and elastic bands. I have attached bellow pictures of my creations. An experience and outcome that could be associated with doing this task with a class to do with the music side of it would be “Inspired by a range of stimuli, and working on my own and/or with others, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through musical activities. EXA 0-18a / EXA 1-18a / EXA 2-18a,” Another to do with the art side of the activity would be “I have the opportunity to choose and explore a range of media and technologies to create images and objects, discovering their effects and suitability for specific tasks. EXA 1-02a.” I think I would definitely use these activities with a class in the future.

For the art workshop we focused on watching a video all to do with the importance of using STEAM in schools rather than STEM showing the importance of incorporating art into school activities. The video was Tim Ingold’s conference at UWS. I feel like from watching this video it has helped confirm with me that their is a high importance for using art in all ways in school classrooms.

Overall the link between the two workshops in my eyes was confirming the importance of integrating art into the curriculum in primary schools and in my mind they have done so. I am sure that when i have a class of my own I am going to try my hardest to do this as much as i can for every subject.


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