Expressive Arts Week 6

Expressive Arts Week 6

This week we were not in the University campus for our input. We all met at Kelvin Grove Museum in Glasgow. While we were here we learnt about all of the opportunities for school trips to all the different Glasgow museums and the different workshops that are taken place here. I would love in the future to be able to bring my class to a museum for a day out of school I think they would learn loads while having fun. While we were here it was really busy due to “Dippy on tour” which is the big dinosaur from a London museum that is touring other British museums.

While we were here we were tasked with finding 10 pieces of art to take a photo of that all connect to a theme and tell a story. I decided that my theme was going to be love, as this also connects with my evocative object due to the meaning behind it and my love for the actual object.

The first photograph I have is a drawing by Leonardo de Vinci of a brain from different viewpoints. I felt that this started off my theme and story well as your brain is the thing that allows you to love and makes you fall in love with something or someone.

The next two photographs to go along with my love theme is of birds and its called mother and child and then a statue of a child and parent elephant. These demonstrate the love between mother and child, How the bird has to go and find food for her and all her children in order to care for them and how the elephant protects her young. This is a perfect example of love.

The next is a drawing of two people in the past during the war who were at the railway station and they are having to say goodbye to each other before the man went off to war. This makes me feel a lot of emotions as the heartbreak in the photo due to the love the two have for each other. I found this drawing in the fragile art section of the French art.

The next one I thought at first was just a statue of a father and child hugging as the child went to sleep which showed love but then when I read the information about the statue was that in fact the child’s mother had died during child birth and the father was looking after the child, I felt like this showed unconditional love that the bond between a parent and a child demonstrates.

The next photo may not seem like it fits in with the theme of love as obviously as the rest of them, but when you think about the meaning of the it does represent love. It is of a tutankhamun and a mummy. I felt as though this represented love as the person who has been wrapped as a mummy would have been loved when they were alive and now will be remembered and loved. Just like anyone’s loved one who passes away.

The next drawing that I also found in the fragile art section in the French art part of the museum is a drawing of a nurse caring for a wounded solider during the war. This shows a different type of love it could represent a persons love for their job and caring for people is this persons love, or it could show the different type of love that a nurse has for each and every patient they care for as they want to help them.

The next two photographs have the same subject matter and the same meaning towards my theme of love, but one is like a cartoon colourful oil painting and the other is a real photograph. Also, one shows the beauty and the other shows the pain of the subject. The first is the cartoon one of trees getting cut down which shows how we love our planet and we love the wildlife, but we also love materialistic things which damages our love for the planet. The second shows the beauty and the side of the planet that we do love to see.

The next two photos I have chosen to round off my story of the theme of love are slightly different as they are my personal great loves. When we walked into the museum and had a quick glance around I immediately saw the giraffe and fell in love. Ever since I was tiny I have always loved giraffes don’t know why but I do so I loved the big statue of the giraffe in the animal section.

The last photo is of a large oil painting that was in the art section. This is of a ballerina dancing, and I loved it due to the colours the meaning and the size of the painting. I have loved and did dancing since I was two, so I fell in love with this painting. It links to my theme as it is my great love but also because you can see that the dancer is in love with what she is doing.

Overall I feel that my photos I have taken and chosen to include in my ten tell the story well and explain then theme well but in different ways that may not make sense to someone ese without an explanation. Overall, I really enjoyed our day at Kelvingrove.

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