Expressive Arts Week 2

Expressive Arts Week 2

This week we were continuing the theme of evocative objects, but we were going to look at the music side of it. Trying to either find an already existing song that reminds you or has the same feel as your evocative object. The other option was to make a piece of music on garage band that you could relate to your object.

I decided this week that I was going to change my evocative object to another that I have that I feel brings more emotion than my ring. My new object I have chosen is a teddy which is a wee bunny in pyjamas lying on a pillow. This teddy was given from my gran to my Auntie Sheena when she was in hospital receiving chemo. I used to stay at my aunties house every Saturday night because they live in Mauchline so it was the only time in the week I would see them. And when I would stay I used to sleep with the teddy because I loved it and it made me think of how my auntie was better now. Then when my gran passed away my auntie Sheena asked me if it would be okay if she gave it back to gran so she could have it with her, but she then decided that my gran would of rather I had it, so she gave it to me. So, it now feels as though I always have a piece of my gran and my Auntie Sheena, who I am still very close to, with me in my room all the time. So, when I look at or think about my teddy I feel happy because it brings back so many memories, but it also brings back the time my auntie was ill and the fact my gran isn’t here anymore. I feel that in using this object I will be able to bring out a lot of emotions and memories that could be put into the arts.

This week I already had a song in mind that I would use. I decide on “supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran. The lyrics in this song are very emotional and especially relate to loosing a very close family member in particular your mum but I can explain how these lyrics still relate to my object. The first lyrics that relate in particular are “Memories of a life that’s been loved” this is relatable as the teddy bring back these memories of my gran. The next and main part of the song says “you were an angel in the shape of my mum” this relates as my mum and my auntie both look so much like my gran, so she is the angel that is in the shape of my mum and auntie. Also, my Auntie is like my second mum, so she is also in the shape of my mum. The other reason I picked this song was because both my mum and auntie love this song and it makes them happy and cry because it reminds them of my gran. I feel that this task was insightful as it makes you realise how much a piece of music can relate to your life and how it can bring about so much emotion within you and bring back so many memories. This task has also made me feel so much more towards my object because it has made me think about it also and realise even more hoe irreplaceable it is. Fleming, M. (2012) explains how the importance of music in classes could be achieved by looking at emotions in pieces of music by saying that the central aim of all the arts being taught in schools is to develop creativity, imagination and bringing emotion to their work. This could be achieved by children describing how pieces of music can make them feel.


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