Breakfast Club


Glasgow City Council primary school pupils can attend the breakfast service available every school day. Big Breakfast operates in each of Glasgow’s primary schools and offers every primary school pupil a nutritional and healthy breakfast prior to the start of the school day. For those not currently entitled to a free school meal, a charge of £2 per day is made. For siblings, the oldest child pays £2 and subsequent children pay £1.

  • 6000 breakfasts served daily.
  • 1.3 million breakfasts served each year.
  • In some schools over 100 pupils attend.
  • Pupils have a choice of Rice Krispies, Cornflakes or Weetabix.
  • Milk, fruit juice, toast and low fat spread are available.
  • Fresh fruit is available.

The service is supervised and is safe and friendly.

If your child has special dietary or medical requirements and intends to attend the breakfast service please contact 0141-353 9237 so suitable arrangements can be made.

Please remember that if your child is attending the Big Breakfast to remind them of road safety. Road crossing patrols start at 8am.

Details regarding the timing for the service are as follows:

Service starts: 8.00 am

We kindly ask that pupils do not arrive prior to this time as they will be in the playground unsupervised.