Grangemouth High School Develops Interdisciplinary Learning

Staff at Grangemouth High School are developing interdisciplinary learning across every faculty. Ashley Wood, depute head teacher, took part in the interdisciplinary learning training delivered during session 2015-16 by Yvonne McBlain, curriculum support teacher. He developed a strategy for progressing IDL across the school – click here to see the presentation he created to document his approach. you will note that this presentation was done before the significant aspects of learning and progression frameworks were “streamlined” into the benchmarks.

Ash then recruited “IDL Champions” from each faculty. He worked with the champions to consolidate the key messages about interdisciplinary learning, and together they created an in-service experience for the entire staff. Click here to see the presentation used by the IDL champions to structure the session.

Staff in each faculty posed questions about IDL  – click here to see the document used to answer and give guidance on these within the school. Click here to try the in-service day IDL challenge, and here to see the answers provided.

Once they had shared their presentation and the activities they had designed, the champions then supported their faculty in creating strong IDL bundles. Click here to see a recent IDL project experienced by S1 pupils, and here to see the “bundle” of experiences and outcomes identified for this collaboration between Kirsty Young in Admin/Business Education, and Amy Nicholl, Home Economics.

Each faculty has been asked to produce at least one IDL plan which can be taught in session 2017-18. Watch this space! 😊

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