The Empty Tomb!

Work Task on The Empty Tomb.

Early on Easter Morning, three women went to finish the burial services of Jesus. As Jesus had died just before the start of the Passover on Friday Evening there was not time to complete this solemn task. As the Passover continued until sundown on the Saturday,the first opportuity was early on the Sunday. All sources and texts tell us that the tomb was empty. Why was the tomb empty when Jesus had been placed in it just a few days before?

The traditional Christian view on the Resurrection of Jesus is that Jesus rose again physically and spiritually on the Third Day. Some people will dispute this and suggest other explanations. This powerpoint and worksheet from Twinkle takes us through some of these ideas. Tommorow, our task will be to examine the traditional Christian Teaching on the Resurrection.


1. View the powerpoint.

2. Complete the tasks on the worksheet.

3. Check the tradional Christian Teaching on tomorrow’s post.

1 Resurrection Powerpoint

1 What Could Have Happened To Jesus’ Body Activity Sheet

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