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Construction Traffic

Although our lovely new school is now up and running, we are very aware that we are sited within a construction development that is very much a work in progress. I have asked our teachers and nursery staff to constantly reinforce road safety messages and to encourage our children to remain alert to their surroundings at all times. This is also something we will speak about through our assembly programme.


A new notice at the entrance to the Maidenhill development requests all construction traffic to refrain from entering the development between the key school travel times of 8.30-9.15 and 2.45-3.30. I would be very grateful if you could alert me to any infringement of these restrictions in order that I can share concerns with the developers on site.

Classification Update

I can confirm that Maidenhill Primary will run with the following classes and teachers this session:


P1- Mrs Lee Dickson and Mr Alexander Johnston

P2- Mr Frazer Keir

P3- Miss Fiona Guthrie

P4/5- Miss Kirsten Waddell and Miss Lesley Atkin


Mrs Sharon Livingstone, Mrs Leanne Wood and Mrs Jean Macrae will also have responsibility for leading certain aspects of the curriculum and pupils’ experiences in classes throughout the course of a week.

Open Afternoon for children and parents- Friday 16th August

After months of preparation, we are almost ready for the first day of term. To allow children and parents to visit the school and to meet our staff prior to Monday 19th, we have organised an open afternoon on Friday 16th, 2pm- 4.30pm.


Mr McDonald will lead tours of the building and playground at 2pm, 2.45pm and 3.30pm. In between times children will be able to visit their own classroom or the nursery playroom. Last entry will be at 4pm.


We look forward to seeing our Maidenhill children and parents again.

Lunch Arrangements

Hot and cold lunches will be available from our cafeteria from Monday August 19th. All children from P1-P3 are entitled to a free lunch and will be able to order a cafeteria lunch on Monday morning.


Parents/ carers of children in P4-5 who have previously attended an East Renfrewshire school will be able pay for lunches via the Parent Pay portal as usual, selecting the Maidenhill tab.


If they wish, children in P4-5 who are new to East Renfrewshire may bring £2 in cash for a school lunch in the first instance until they are issued with a new cashless catering account at the start of the first week.


Provision will be made for all children bringing packed lunches to school. Unfortunately, we have no provision to refrigerate packed lunches and parents/ carers are encouraged to use cool bags and iced packs.


Please note that there will be no tuck shop available at the start of next week.


Lunch menus can be found here.

Transport/ Walking Routes

The Education Department have written to or are in the process of writing to all families who have applied or who may be eligible for transport provision to Maidenhill. This may be either on a permanent basis or on a temporary basis until such time that further safe walking routes through the Maidenhill development have been established. Please get in touch with the Education Department if you have any queries about your eligibility.


The following link will take you to information about the current safe walking routes to Maidenhill Primary identified by local authority Health and Safety Representatives:


Walking routes to Maidenhill

Classification News

I can confirm that Miss Andrea Bannerman will be our teacher within our nursery class and that Mrs Lee Dickson and Mr Alexander Johnston will be our teachers in Primary 1.

It is highly likely (although not definite) that Miss Fiona Guthrie and Mr Frazer Keir will teach in our P2-3 department, although I am unable to confirm exactly how the children will be classified within this department at this time.

It is highly likely (although again not definite) that Miss Kirsten Waddell and Miss Lesley Atkin will teach in our P4-5 department, although I am again unable to confirm exactly how the children will be classified within this department at this time.

Please note that we will not be running with a P6-7 department during Session 2019/ 2020.

Obviously classification will be confirmed in time for our open afternoon on Friday 16 August and all children will have the opportunity to meet their new teachers before the term begins. Any further updates in the meantime will be posted on our website. The patience that our families have already shown in regards to this important matter is very much appreciated.

Uniform Update

Several people have asked whether the grey tartan pinafore dresses, worn by some pupils at Mearns Primary, would be suitable also for Maidenhill. Having seen these dresses alongside Maidenhill’s other uniform items, it has been agreed that Maidenhill pupils would be welcome to wear these if they wish until at least such time that our uniform policy is reviewed during the course of next session.