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Places to Play

Come along and enjoy some play time with your family and take part in some activities including den building, tig games and art with nature.

We are running some places to play sessions in various areas in Barrhead, see information below:

Venue Day Date Times
Cowan Park (meet at band stand) Wednesday 28th August 2019 4.00-6.00pm
Dunterlie RC (Meet at resource centre) Thursday 19th September 2019 5.30-7.30pm
ABC Park (Aurs Dr, meet at play park) Saturday 21st September 2019 12 noon to 2.00pm

Come along to any of the sessions, enjoy the outdoors and have some fun.

Parents/carers must stay with the children!

Please wear outdoor clothing and feel free to bring a snack

For any more information contact:

Kerry Cameron – Community Worker

Tel No: 0141 577 3099


Look forward to seeing you!

Energy Efficiency

As part of wider research into fuel poverty within East Renfrewshire, the council is looking to distribute an energy efficiency and affordable warmth survey to engage with local residents.

The primary goal is to find out how residents are managing their fuel bills and if they are aware of the support that’s available. It’s hoped the survey will help participants to save on their gas and electricity bills and better heat their homes.

Please complete the following online survey.

Energy Online Survey


Any support you could give would be appreciated – the closing date for the survey is 20th November 2015

Think Green


Starting with ‘Big Energy Saving Week 2015’, Think Green’ hope to encourage staff, residents and school children to do your bit for a greener East Renfrewshire!

We want to reduce overall energy consumption and carbon emissions across the council.  This is better for the environment and could help us assist with Scotland’s ambitious target for reducing our carbon emissions by 80% by 2050: ‘Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009’.

You could also potentially save energy, reduce your bills and reduce your carbon emissions at home by following our simple tips !

Energy saving tips guide A4

Last out lights out



Clyde in the Classroom

Blog 4

24th February 2014

Every week we are noticing more and more changes. Our trout now swim much more and are approaching the top of our tank when we are visiting. They are much more active and their colouring is darkening daily. They have grown in size and we love checking on them after the weekend – we notice lots then.
We have included some pictures of us caring for the trout. You will see us checking the water temperature and  adding some iced water bottles to the tank. We will also be topping up the water into each tank, using the chlorine free water we’ve been preparing in our buckets.

You will also see a close up picture of our ALEVIN – shortly they will become FRY.

We’ve been given an estimated date of release for 10 March and are really looking forward to this step. Our parents and carers have been invited into our class on 4 March when will be reporting all that has happened since our project began. We are really looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm with them.

Eco Visit

Last week, we had a very special Eco inspection to see if we could retain our 4th Green Flag. When the inspector arrived she went to the ICT suite to hear our presentation about all the work we do in St Mark’s. Different members from each pupil group told her about the range of Eco activities we are involved in.

Some of the Power Rangers then gave her a tour around the outside of the school, including the the garden.

The assessor then visited three classes in the school and the Fairtrade shop to hear what Eco work had  been going on. She seemed very impressed!

At the end of the day the inspector called the power rangers to say we had passed with flying colours and we were to keep up the good work!

The Eco Committee