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K’nex Challenge


Well done to St Mark’s pupils who took part in St Luke’s K’nex Challenge on Friday.  Building with a variety of materials encourages play and early engineering skills. A few benefits include:

  • fine motor skill development
  • pattern making/understanding
  • understanding of cause and effect (build…fall down…)
  • principles of engineering including beams, columns and load
  • impermanence–something that gets built eventually gets taken apart
  • cooperation–if working with peers
  • working with a variety of materials
  • testing and experimentation
  • creativity and design process



Christmas Choir

In the lead up to Christmas, our school choir brought festive cheer to the staff and customers of Tesco in Barrhead!  They sang a fabulous medley of Christmas hymns and songs and raised a whopping £109.42 for Yorkhill Children’s Charity.  Well done and thank you to all of the children in the choir for their fantastic effort!

Erskine Hospital

On Wednesday 11th December 4 pupils from P7 visited Erskine Hospital to hand over a cheque for £150. They raised the funds by selling glitter tattoos, toys, bracelets and knitted school hats during playtimes and lunchtimes and at the Christmas fair. On the visit they got a tour of the hospital and met some of the residents. Erskine has been caring for Scotland’s veterans since 1916; re-building shattered lives, restoring dignity and providing first-class care to ex-Service men and women. In the past year the charity has cared for 1,100 veterans.