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First Communion: St Joseph’s Parish May 2016

Children from St Joseph’s Parish Clarkston will receive their First Communion on Saturday 7th May 2016.

Due to numbers, classes will receive the Sacrament as follows;

P4 B and C  at 10am

P4 A and D  at 12.30


We are awaiting confirmation of arrangements for St Vincent’s Parish and will notify you of these as soon as possible.


Primary 4 Mass of Thanksgiving

Primary 4 First Communion Mass of Thanksgiving 2015

The Mass of Thanksgiving will take place in St Joseph’s Church, Clarkston on Tuesday 2nd June at 7pm.

All Primary 4 pupils and their families are welcome to attend, regardless of whether they received the Sacrament or not. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to join together to give thanks for the very special and successful year that Primary 4 have enjoyed.

On the evening, children should sit with their families. We ask that P4 children sit at the end of the row to enable them to come up easily to receive their First Communion Certificate from Father Jim during the Mass. As this is an informal occasion, school uniform need not be worn.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Visit from Bishop John Keenan

On Thursday 12th June, we welcomed Bishop John Keenan to Our Lady of the Missions. He visited Primary 7 and shared an uplifting assembly with them. He then visited children in Primary 4 who have recently received the Sacrament of the Eucharist and talked about their special day. We look forward to working closely with Bishop John as we journey together in faith.

Maher Project

Sr Lucy Kurien, a Catholic nun who founded and runs the Maher Project in India for disadvantaged women and children, visited our school on September 9th to tell us about all the work that she does. Sr Lucy collected a cheque for £1000 which we raised by bringing a donation, on our school Feast Day, to dress in our own clothes!  A huge thank you to everyone for such a marvellous response. 

Day of Prayer and Fasting for Syria Saturday 7th September 2013

Pope Francis had designated tomorrow as a day of prayer and fasting for Syria.

 Fr Jim Duggan will have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament following 6pm Vigil Mass in St. Joseph’s Church until 10.00pm.

 Please remember the people of Syria in your prayers. If you can spare 15 minutes tomorrow evening, please go along to St. Joseph’s.

 Thank you, 

 Charles Jamieson

 Head Teacher

‘Opening Hearts and Minds to God’ – Year of Faith

The children participated in Catholic Education Week both in school and as part of their Parish Communities. Last week, the school welcomed two visitors from Education Scotland as part of an impact study on Religious Education and Observance. They were very impressed by the Catholic ethos, quality of learning and teaching, school involvement in Parish activities and the generosity of spirit evident in all that we do.

Thank you to the parents who formed the focus group for the visit and who provided a broad perspective of the children’s overall experiences as pupils of Our Lady of the Missions Primary School. The findings of the visit will be reflected in a final report to be compiled giving a national picture of Religious Education and Observance. A group of children also met with the visitors and they were great ambassadors for the school and their families. Many thanks to Stephen, Nicola, John, Brendan, Sally, Clodagh, Jessica, Jamie, Ayaan, Ellie and Ross!

Catholic Education Week 2013

 In this Year of Faith we looked at ways in which we could be credible witnesses” to faith in our words and actions so that others can be helped to believe.
We have explored parts of the Nicene Creed in some depth to extend our understanding of how it is both a personal and a communal declaration of faith.
“We have posters and copies of the Nicene Creedwhich help  to strengthen our faith.”  Euan  P7

 God’s Wonderful World
“I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible.”
Primary 7 pupils enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation when they visited Castle Toward.

Maker of Heaven and EarthCreation is …
“When something is made.”  Ellie  P4
“When God made the world. He wanted it to be beautiful so He made plants, flowers and birds.”  Aoibheann  P4
“God making the earth a beautiful place for us to live.”  Ayaan  P4
“God making the world, the trees and plants.”  Joseph P4
“I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.
I confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins…”
 “Studying the catechism will give you a deeper understanding of Catholicism.” Stephen  P7

 Witnesses to Christ
During the Christmas period, Primary 7 pupils showed themselves to be “credible witnesses” by taking responsibility for fundraising for school charities. They raised over £5000 which benefited those at home and abroad who are less fortunate than ourselves.
 “It’s a good way to raise money because you have fun taking part in all the activities.” John  P7.

 Opening Hearts and Minds to God
Primaries 1, 2 and 3 told the story of the Nativity to bring the true meaning of Christmas to our school family.  We welcome God’s gift of faith and help others to be open to the invitation to faith. 
“I invited a friend to come to Mass because she is from another church.”  Shona  P7
“By helping those in need we aspire to become more like Jesus and follow his great example” Holly P7
The Rosary is a special prayer dedicated to Our Lady. 
The prayer group meet twice a week to say the Rosary during May and October. 
This is a time for quiet reflection to open our hearts and minds to God.
Our Lady of the Missions Primary School
Catholic Education Week 2013
– In this Year of Faith we looked at ways in which we could be credible witnesses” to faith in our words and actions so that others can be helped to believe.
– We have explored parts of the Nicene Creed in some depth to extend our understanding of how it is both a personal and a communal declaration of faith.
“We have posters and copies of the Nicene Creed which help  to strengthen our faith.”  Euan  P7

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Religious Education

Learning through Religious Education in a Roman Catholic school enables children to:

  • develop their knowledge and deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith
  • investigate and understand the relevance of the Catholic faith to questions about truth and the meaning of life
  • highlight, develop and foster the values, attitudes and practices which are compatible with a positive response to the invitation of faith
  • develop the skills of reflection, discernment, critical thinking, and deciding how to act in accordance with an informed conscience when making moral decisions
  • nurture prayer life as an individual and as part of the school community
  • understand and appreciate significant aspects of other Christian traditions and major world religions
  • make a positive difference to the world by putting their beliefs and values into action.

It is the privilege and duty of the school to promote the religious education of its members since our Religion is essentially a way of life and not merely a subject to be studied.

The aim of the school is to lead the children to a deeper, more active, living and personal faith.

The whole ethos of our school is built upon the fundamental issues of peace, justice and tolerance with which this major area of the curriculum is concerned. We aim to develop a caring, Christian attitude in all our pupils, relevant to the demands of a changing society and yet which continue to uphold the values and moral standards of our Christian beliefs. We aim to help children to discover and personally deepen their faith and their understanding of their membership of the Church and the Sacraments.

With the cooperation of their families, the children in Primary 4 are prepared to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, and Confirmation will now be conferred on pupils in Primary 7.

“This Is Our Faith” Religious Education Programme is used throughout the school.

“This Is Our Faith” stresses the importance of being inclusive to all learners and details the distinctive purpose of religious education in the Catholic school. It emphasises the central place of Jesus Christ in the enterprise of the Catholic school and invites schools to provide for children and young people structured opportunities of encounter with Jesus.

It stresses the importance of Catholic religious education in helping to discover the correct relationship between the definitive fullness of God’s revelation in Jesus Christ, handed on by the Apostles and by the teaching of the Church, and the importance of the human experience and provides guidance on the place of learning about other Christian denominations and other world religions in the religious education offered by Catholic schools.

Father Hill, Chaplain, Father Jim and Father Burke visit the school.

Mass is celebrated in school at times and on Holidays of Obligation and on the school Feast Day of 8 September, Our Lady’s Birthday.

We have introduced Class Masses and stage by stage pupils attend First Friday Masses in St Vincent’s Church.

We have regular Religious assemblies for all stages.

Parents have a legal right to withdraw their children from religious education and observance (Section 8, Education Act 1980) and this can be put into effect by notifying the school of their decision.

Religious instruction and observance however form part of the religious tradition and ethos in Catholic schools and play an important part in the education provided in this school.

Parents from ethnic minority religious communities may request that their children be permitted to be absent from school in order to celebrate recognised religious events.  Only written requests detailing the proposed arrangements will be considered.  Appropriate requests will be granted on not more than three occasions in any one school session.

Easter Cantata