Digital Learning in P4B

This week we have been learning about Position and Movement. Using the Bee Bots and a map of the world, we programmed the Bee Bots to travel using our knowledge of Right & Left Quarter turns and the points of a compass. We were able to navigate the world using all of our prior learning about Climate Zones.

We took our maths lesson outside and worked on estimating length using leaves and twigs (and the occasional slug!)

All the work on position and movement neatly linked into our Reading Comprehension on Directions and the children loved watching a clip of a family trying to write instructions for making sandwiches. We used the learning from this in our Big Writing this week, the children wrote the step by step instructions and used some great time connectives.

As the Our World Topic comes to an end, the children really enjoyed using the VR Headsets again. This time they looked at warmer climates and compared them to Antarctica. Some of the children even got to see the Aurora Australis.


Welcome Back P4B

We have had a fabulous week in P4B. The children all arrived back on Monday full of stories about the fun things they got up to in the holidays. We have been trying a few new starter activities and the White Rose Maths Daily challenges have sparked a lot of discussion in the classroom and some fabulous collaborative learning.

We have been writing Book Reports on the books we read at home and on the book we read in class as part of our topic “Sophie Scott Goes South”.

As we are now coming to the end of the Our World Topic, the children spent some time today thinking about all of the different things they have been learning about the different Climate Zones around the world.

Watch out next week for some fantastic art work as we have been learning about the Dia De Los Muertos.

1st week back after the holiday

This week in Primary 4a has been fabulous. The children all returned from their break with big smiles on their faces, lots of stories to tell and ready to learn. Lots of reward pebbles have been given out for positive behaviours within the class.

We introduced reciprocal reading within our reading groups where each of the children were given a specific reading role. These included being the ‘big boss’. Questioner, clarifier, predictor and summariser. The children were highly engaged reading to each other and stopping at points of their choice to carry out their roles. It was lovely to see so many enthusiastic discussions taking place between the children.


We had the opportunity to explore Google Classroom this week in ICT. We are developing our knowledge navigating through each of the sections and hope to increase our confidence and IT skills as we learn.

During BIG writing the pupils were developing their knowledge of a non-chronological report. They were able to take information given and put it into their own words underneath a sub heading. The reports not only helped develop our fluency of reading a new text but enabled us to use this information to add to our writing portfolios.

This week also saw some extra activities taking place with the STV Children’s Appeal ‘Day for Dance’ and our House Reward Afternoon. Some spectacular dance moves were on show and it was great fun learning some Charleston moves in a routine.


Time for a holiday

We have had another busy week in P4a. Our maths lessons have been going well with a real focus on mental maths questions. We have ten questions a day and each question uses a variety of mathematical language.

I feel very confident when I do my mental maths. (Muhammad)

I work hard everyday in my mental maths. (Hirah)

Sometimes it is really hard and I really have to focus. (Abbie)

It’s alright to make mistakes as it helps us to learn. (Elise)

 In our topic, we have been looking at how climate change can affect the polar regions. We learned what animals live in the polar regions. (Charlotte) If we keep adding heat into our atmosphere the temperature will rise and ice will melt which means the water level will rise and any animals that can’t swim or only swim for a little bit will drown. (Adam B)

 This week, we were looking at features of a non fiction text, specifically the contents page and index. We were able to locate certain information and recognise where to find key words.

We have finished our class novel ‘Creature Teacher’ by Sam Watkins and illustrated by David O’Connor. We would highly recommend this text. Class 5b had a teacher that turned into a creature when he experienced certain emotions. We followed his journey through the school as the pupils tried to keep his secret.

I thought it was funny when Creature splatted purple paint all over Mrs Blunt. (Ailsa)

We have made Creature Teacher booklets and written book reviews to show our understanding of the text.

 We are all very excited for the October week and look forward to returning to school in the new term for lots of new and exciting learning.


Sporty kids

Primary 4a worked up a sweat in PE today showing off their possession skills in football. After developing control and movement skills over the last few weeks, the pupils brought it all together today to bring victory to their teammates.

It was lovely to see so many of the boys and girls cheering on their teammates and being a good sport!

Fantastic Four B

Another busy week in P4B. We celebrated National Poetry Day by reading “Rangtan in my Bedroom” and spotting all of the rhyming words. The poem linked in with the Our World topic and the children were learning about deforestation. Our reading comprehension was based on the poem “Cats Can” and the children then created their own “Dogs Can” words.


There has been some great active learning in maths involving estimating weight and using BeadStrings to reinforce number bonds and times tables.

Today, some of the children helped create a Climate Zone Map of the world which we will use as a backdrop for all of the lovely zentangle and mindful art work we have been creating this term.

Our World

This term our topic is ‘Our World’ as suggested by the pupils. We have been finding out lots of information about climate zones around the world and this week have been investigating how living things can be affected if the climate changes. We have produced some super art work using paint to show the difference in the physical features of each environment.

Maths Hats

Well done to all of the boys and girls in P4a for their efforts in creating a maths hat. We had great fun parading through the school to show off our creations.

Our Fractions journey

Apologies for the lack of blog the last couple of weeks. We have been so busy with our learning we haven’t quite managed to fit it in.

We have been busy learning all about fractions in lots of different ways. Our confidence levels have soared working out a fraction of a shape, fractions of an amount and even looking at equivalent fractions. It is a concept we will continue to look in throughout the year to ensure we don’t forget any of our learning.


We’ve been to Antarctica!

The children all arrived on Tuesday refreshed after the holiday weekend and ready to learn.

We have been doing lots of Active Maths learning about dividing with and without remainders. This has involved a floor covered with hundreds, tens and units blocks and collaborative learning opportunities as the children worked together to solve problems. We have also been revising Place Value and Time.

Our Big Writing task this week was to write a letter and the children chose to write to Mr Weir to thank him for all of his hard work in the aftermath of the storm. Mr Weir was absolutely delighted to read the children’s work and see how much they appreciate all that he does for the school.

For the last few weeks we have been looking at Antarctica as part of the Our World topic and this week we were able to use the Virtual Reality Headsets so that the children could see what it is actually like to be in the middle of Antarctica. They spotted whales, seals and penguins, people in kayaks, ice breaking boats, base stations and scientists carrying out research. It was a definite learning highlight this week and when we were talking about what they experienced, the children showed a much greater depth of knowledge about the landscape and life in Antarctica.

Having visited a cold climate, we are now moving on to look at hot climates and will focus on life in the desert – if you ask the children they will tell you that we are talking about Hot Deserts because there are deserts in cold places too!