It has been a busy week in P4B. We have managed to learn a lot despite the stormy weather and used what we have been learning about all of the extreme weather around the world at the moment to add to “Our World” topic, with discussions about the difference between Weather and Climate.

We have been reading about Sophie Scott and her trip to Antartica and talking about extreme cold and the differences between The North Pole and The South Pole. We will now move on to looking at hot climates and then finally compare these areas with the temperate climate in Scotland.

Since the start of term we have been focusing on developing Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation for our Big Writing sessions and today’s focus was on Punctuation when writing about “The Monster”. This week we used active spelling techniques to improve our spelling of common words and our Kung Fu Punctuation Skills to help identify the best ways to improve writing with great punctuation.

After a week long focus on Fractions for Maths Week, we have now moved on to look at Tiling, Division and Time.  Times Table knowledge is so important in all aspects of Primary Maths and we have been using BBC Sports Supermovers to practice our times tables as well as times table games and chants in class.

The children arrived on Monday with some truly spectacular Maths Hats and proudly paraded round the school wearing them.

It has been a fantastic week of learning and I think everybody is now ready for a fabulous long weekend, hopefully the weather will be kind to us and the children will return on Tuesday with lots of stories about the fun they have had.

P4b are off to a great start…

In Primary 4B we have been really busy since the start of the new school year getting to know our new teachers (Mrs Dougall and Mrs Nisbett) and getting used to our new classroom.

We have read the books of Dr Seuss. We started off by reading “Oh! The Places You’ll Go” and we made our own balloons depicting what we would all like to achieve this year. We then read “The Lorax” and talked in class about the environmental impact of The Once-ler cutting down all of the trees, we looked at the use of colour in the book and the difference that the pollution made to the illustrations and we carried out a character analysis of The Lorax himself and decided whether we would like the Lorax to be our friend

“I would like to be his friend because he is funny and fluffy” – Ethan

“No! He is always grumpy” – Teo

Our whole classroom is Dr Seuss Themed and the children created beautiful Truffula Trees to decorate our Library Corner where the Dr Seuss books have been extremely popular.

We have been learning about punctuation and using our Kung Fu Skills!

In maths we have been concentrating on times tables, place value and rounding. The children have enjoyed working with the Hot Dots and the Stile Boards as well as creating Tangram pictures.

The children have worked very hard to create their class charter and they focused on some key words including trustworthy, caring, helpful, but most of all Kind.

I am very much looking forward to the coming year in Primary 4B!

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your Mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!”

P4 starts here…

Welcome to our Primary 4 class blog! We are very excited to share our learning journey with you. So far, we have had a really exciting time in P4, learning lots of new routines and becoming familiar with our classrooms. We sing lots of fun songs to help us with our routines. We currently have a morning song, lining up song and tidy up song. We are hoping to learn many more.

As a class, we have set up our room to ensure there is lots of space to move around, play games and work in groups. Our group names were decided by a vote and we have the ladybirds, bees, ants and butterflies. All of the groups have been working super hard to learn the new routines of the class and collect group pebbles. The pebbles result in a treat during Golden Time for the group who has the most.

We have a Star of the Day bag which is where our class teddy Ralph lives. He watches over the class each day and helps Mrs Denholm to make a decision about who has worked the hardest, listened carefully and shared some super thoughts. It is often quite a hard decision to make as so many of us are being superstars in our learning.

We have class jobs to help keep our classroom tidy and organised.

We have been reading lots of stories and our class novel at the moment is Creature Teacher by Sam Watkins. It has been a very exciting story to read and we have had lots of interesting discussions based on this.

“It is the best story in town.” Zainab

“It is full of good wow words.” Jamie

“It is so funny. My favourite part was when the creature was blowing raspberries.” Emma

“My favourite part was when Mrs Blunt got covered in paint.” Muhammad

This week we have been doing BIG Writing and our focus was on using adjectives to describe a monster. We had lots of fun sharing our ideas and even brought them to life by drawing them, carefully looking back at what we had written as a reference. The finished pieces were fantastic and Mrs Denholm was very pleased with our effort.

In Maths, we have been exploring number through a variety of games and resources. We have also used this week to revise some concepts that may have been forgotten a little over the holidays.

26th January 2018

It has been another busy week in Primary 3. We have been working hard in a range of curricular areas and have enjoyed celebrating Robert Burns day on the 25th January.

We looked at a PowerPoint on his life and have completed some Scots writing. (Ewan)

We looked at different Scots poems and had to work together to translate them from Scots into English. My favourite one was about mince and tatties. (John)

We made poems in English and then translated them into Scots using a dictionary to help us with our Scots vocabulary. (Hannah)

We read a chapter of George’s Marvellous Medicine and then we read Geordie’s Mingin Medicine looking at the difference between the stories. They were both very good but the Scots one was funnier. (Dilraj)

We also worked in pairs to complete a ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ style quiz where we had to look for clues in the sentence to discover what the Scots word meant. (Eva D)

Some new Scots words we have added to our vocabulary include; bairn, dreich, crabbit, bonnie and auld.

In between all our fabulous work on Scots poems, we have also taken some time to find and use information to create a new text.

In Literacy, we have been exploring non-fiction texts about the artic fox and other animals. We made posters showing how they survive during the winter. (Fraser)

The artic fox adapts to the seasons by changing colour, it blends into its background so that predators cannot eat it. (Olivia)

Lots of animals get ready for winter in different ways, the frog goes into a state of diapause which means its heart rate drops and it doesn’t move. (Finlay)

Some animals also hibernate, this is when they sleep all through the winter. (Rosie)

This week we have started our Science topic on the Earth, sun and moon. (Ewan)

In ICT, we used PowerPoint to make a presentation including words relating to day and night. (Ryan)

We sorted pictures of day and night and tried to place in the correct column. (Emilia)

We had some tricky pictures to sort. These were sunsets, solar eclipse and pictures of the Earth from space. (Alistair, Kaiden and Millie)

On Friday, as part of our Golden Time, both Primary 3 classes were working together playing different teams. Whilst working up a sweat, we had to work together in groups whilst developing our ball skills. It was great way to end another busy week!

This week we really enjoyed listening to George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl in Scots. It was called Geordies Mingin Medicine. We laughed at the funny sounding Scottish words. We also listened to and recited a selection of Scots poetry. We really enjoyed working out what the words meant. We are all going to have a go at writing our own ‘Wee Beastie’ poems. (Abbie)

In Science we are learning about a variety of magnets and their invisible fields. We have started our new topic on Earth, Sun and Moon. We have looked at pictures and discussed events that happen either during the day or at night. We look forward to learning lots of things about Earth and the night sky. (Eilidh P)

I have really enjoyed all the team games we played this week. We went into the Muga and played, different types of tig, ball games and a game called Pigeons and Cats. It was great fun! ( Harry)

In art this week we used the skills we have learned to draw a self-portrait. We are going to display our portraits on the wall to see if anyone can guess who we are! They look really good! (Julia)

The Mysterious Missing Toy

On Monday, primary 3 were shocked to discover their class toy had mysteriously disappeared.

Thankfully, there had been four witnesses who were able to give us clues about what had happened.

In their eyewitness statements there was information about the suspects appearance alongside some information which was irrelevant. So we put our detective hats on and got to work trying to solve the mystery!

First, we highlighted the important information telling us about the suspects facial features. We then organised this information into a table to make sure we could clearly and easily identify what the person looked like.

Luckily, we have been practising drawing proportional faces and were able to use these skills to complete an accurate portrait of the suspect.

Based on our drawings, and the information we had found, it was obvious to us who had taken our bear…Miss Adair!! She had borrowed him to visit the nursery! Although he had a great time on his trip we are all very glad to have him back where he belongs!

Art/ Language

We had a big mystery in P3A this week! Somebody took our class parrot! We were lucky because we had four eyewitnesses who spotted something strange going on. They gave us written statements. We highlighted key information in the statements to help us to create an identikit picture. As soon as we drew our pictures, we knew that our culprit was Miss A! When she came back with our lovely puppet we learned that she had just borrowed it. We were so happy to get it back and Miss A was delighted with our drawings.


We have been learning about problem solving and using different strategies to solve problems. We sometimes use algorithms to calculate the problems. We have learned how to calculate addition and subtraction using algorithms.

In multiplication we are now on to the three times tables and working really hard to be quicker than Mrs Wilson!


We have great lessons with Mrs Douggie every two weeks. We have been learning different notes and rhythms

Primary 3A WB 8.1.18


We had our first week in the new Science classroom with Ms Zeitlin. We have been learning about magnetism. We liked using magnets to try and get a paper clip out of a glass of water without getting the magnet wet. We were all successful! We learned that  the magnets will repel  each other if it is a north and north pole  or south and south pole together. However the magnets will attract each other if one is  north and the other is south.



We have been learning our 2 and 3 times tables. We  have played lots of games to help us learn these tables. We enjoy playing Round the World and the  Line Time Championship. At the moment Menahil is the only person to get completely around the world, while Adam Henderson has been very close!


We have enjoyed learning how to draw faces, looking carefully at the shape and position of  facial features. We drew our faces in stages, thinking carefully about where to place our facial features.

We have also decorated the nets of cubes to make into our own 2018 cube which tells about our resolutions and the targets we hope to achieve this year.

e.g.  Charlotte ~ I would like to improve my basketball skills

Leon and Hirah ~ we would like to improve our cycling and swimming skills

Abbie   and Muhammad ~ We would like to practise algorithms for multiplication and division

Menahil, Ruby , Eilidh P and Eilidh M ~ We would like to improve our handwriting skills.

Mrs Wilson  would like to improve her ICT skills in 2018


2D and 3D Shapes

Over the last few weeks, Primary 3 have been developing their understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. We have completed lots of fun learning activities and applied our knowledge through different stations.

“The ‘D’ in 2D and 3D shapes stands for dimensions.” (Connal)

“2D shapes are flat but 3D shapes aren’t because we can pick them up.” (Olivia)

We started by exploring different 2D shapes, looking at their properties and revising the names of different shapes.

“Normally the number of edges and the number of corners on a 2D shape is the same.” (Eva D)

We then hunted around the school to see what 2D shapes we could find.

We made and repeated different patterns using peg boards and playing games.

“Patterns repeat themselves over and over again.” (Finlay)

We also looked at tiling patterns.

“Tiling is when shapes can join together with no gaps or overlaps.” (Fraser)

“Some shapes that tile are trapeziums, triangles, hexagons, rectangles, squares and parallelogram.” (Kaiden, Holly and Olivia)

We also investigated different angles that can be found in 2D shapes and used Beebots and our coding skills to give directions turning through a right angle.

“2D shapes can have right angles like a right angled triangle.” (Ryan)

“90 degrees is a right angles. If it is less than 90 it is an acute angle and if it more than 90 is called an obtuse angle.” (Fraser)

Following on from our 2D shape and angle investigation, we explored 3D shapes looking at their properties and what 2D shapes are used to make 3D shapes.

“We looked at the number of faces, corners and edges of 3D shapes.” (Natalia)

“3D shapes have a depth but 2D shapes do not.” (Murray)

We used construction materials to build different 3D shapes using 2D shapes.

“2D shapes can be used to make 3D shapes. For example, a cuboid is made of 2 squares and 4 rectangles.” (Dilraj and Finlay)


Talk Homework (13th November)

This week in writing, we will be focusing on openers again. Your talk homework is to discuss how these sentences could be reworded so that the opener is at the beginning.

Remember we can use setting, times, -ly words, similes, -ing words and -ed words.


Jack scurried down the beanstalk as quick as lightning.

Could become…

As quick as lightning, Jack scurried down the beanstalk.

Can you think of ways to change these sentences:

  1. Jack’s mother angrily threw the beans out of the window.
  2. A magical castle sat at the top of the beanstalk.
  3. Jack crept into the castle nervously.
  4. Jack ran down the beanstalk after he saw the giant.

Can you discuss any other sentences which have interesting openers, either relating to Jack and the Beanstalk or another story?