2D and 3D Shapes

Over the last few weeks, Primary 3 have been developing their understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. We have completed lots of fun learning activities and applied our knowledge through different stations.

“The ‘D’ in 2D and 3D shapes stands for dimensions.” (Connal)

“2D shapes are flat but 3D shapes aren’t because we can pick them up.” (Olivia)

We started by exploring different 2D shapes, looking at their properties and revising the names of different shapes.

“Normally the number of edges and the number of corners on a 2D shape is the same.” (Eva D)

We then hunted around the school to see what 2D shapes we could find.

We made and repeated different patterns using peg boards and playing games.

“Patterns repeat themselves over and over again.” (Finlay)

We also looked at tiling patterns.

“Tiling is when shapes can join together with no gaps or overlaps.” (Fraser)

“Some shapes that tile are trapeziums, triangles, hexagons, rectangles, squares and parallelogram.” (Kaiden, Holly and Olivia)

We also investigated different angles that can be found in 2D shapes and used Beebots and our coding skills to give directions turning through a right angle.

“2D shapes can have right angles like a right angled triangle.” (Ryan)

“90 degrees is a right angles. If it is less than 90 it is an acute angle and if it more than 90 is called an obtuse angle.” (Fraser)

Following on from our 2D shape and angle investigation, we explored 3D shapes looking at their properties and what 2D shapes are used to make 3D shapes.

“We looked at the number of faces, corners and edges of 3D shapes.” (Natalia)

“3D shapes have a depth but 2D shapes do not.” (Murray)

We used construction materials to build different 3D shapes using 2D shapes.

“2D shapes can be used to make 3D shapes. For example, a cuboid is made of 2 squares and 4 rectangles.” (Dilraj and Finlay)


Talk Homework (13th November)

This week in writing, we will be focusing on openers again. Your talk homework is to discuss how these sentences could be reworded so that the opener is at the beginning.

Remember we can use setting, times, -ly words, similes, -ing words and -ed words.


Jack scurried down the beanstalk as quick as lightning.

Could become…

As quick as lightning, Jack scurried down the beanstalk.

Can you think of ways to change these sentences:

  1. Jack’s mother angrily threw the beans out of the window.
  2. A magical castle sat at the top of the beanstalk.
  3. Jack crept into the castle nervously.
  4. Jack ran down the beanstalk after he saw the giant.

Can you discuss any other sentences which have interesting openers, either relating to Jack and the Beanstalk or another story?

A Busy Week in Primary 3

We’ve all had another busy hardworking week in primary 3.

I’ve really enjoyed the maths activities. We have been learning about angles and movement and position.  Hirah

I know about right angles. They have 90 degrees. Hibba

I learned acute angles are smaller than right angles and obtuse angles are bigger than right angles. Ruby

In Maths we have also been learning about different strategies for subtraction and different words for subtraction e.g. difference between, subtraction, take away and minus. Menahil

I have learned about full turns, half turns and quarter turns. I used the Bee Bots to help me. Leon

Our topic is The Ancient Egyptians. We have learned lots of interesting information, including facts about Tutankhamen , pyramids and the gods. Ailsa

In topic we have also learned about the importance of the River Nile during the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Eilidh P

In writing I have enjoyed watching the Dream Giver and writing about my dream. I imagined the Dream Giver poured some golden liquid out of an egg on to my monkey. Suddenly my dream took me to a knitted jungle. I had a great adventure there. Elise

In Drama we have really enjoyed playing the balloon game. We had to float like balloons until we were popped by Mrs Nasar or Ms Spiteri! We also enjoyed the story about the Lonely Giant. Noor

In RME we have learned about Siddhartha Gautama, the rich prince in Buddhism. Eilidh M

What a busy week!

Friday 1st September 2017

Primary 3A

This is our first Blog.

Every week we will tell you all about our learning, achievements and the fun we’re having in Primary 3.

This week we have enjoyed writing about Little Red Riding Hood and her adventure with the Big Bad Wolf. We tried to use some connectives in our stories. (Connectives are words like: but, because, if and even though.) We use connectives to link our ideas.

We’ve picked really good names for our Literacy groups. We have chosen Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. This is because some of us are big fans of Harry Potter!

Our maths groups are called Spring, Summer and Winter. This week we have been tiling with different shapes. We have also done lots of activities with a 100 square. We are good at making patterns on our number squares.

Today we were solving word problems using lots of different strategies. We like to share strategies with each other.

We have chosen to research the ancient Egyptians for our Topic. We are all really looking forward to finding out about Pharaohs and pyramids.

Lots of Active Learning

The Circles group have been learning about right angles. We had to take pictures of right angles in the classroom. – Eilidh M

In maths the Triangles group were learning about partitioning. Partitioning is breaking up the tens and units of a number into smaller numbers. – Ailsa

We partitioned numbers to work out how to get to that number in smaller numbers. We got the number that we partitioned and added on 19. – Charlotte

The Squares group have been looking at scales to see how much things weigh. – Eilidh P

This week out in the MUGA we did relay races and people were chosen for the house relay races at sports day. – Adam H

P2 are all really looking forward to sports day on Monday afternoon next week.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Information, Information, Information!

The triangles group have been learning about Carroll Diagrams. A Carroll Diagram is when you have to split the right things into the right boxes. – Emma

We could put in animals or anything else for our criteria and we did this by putting words at the top and the side. – Harry

The Circles group have been learning about even numbers and odd numbers. – Humza

We were also learning to write a letter and we had to write our address and the date. Then we had to give Antlers the reindeer advice to get him home to the North Pole. – Jamie


Primary 2a really enjoyed sorting information in maths or giving advice in their letter during writing this week. The children will be taking their super letters home very soon to show you.


Super Sandwiches

As part of our nutrition studies Primary 2 was visited by a Dietician. She told us all about healthy foods.  She even brought in vegetables for us to smell and hold.  We liked the look of the aubergine and some of us liked the smell of the fennel.  Following that P2b made healthy sandwiches.  We worked in pairs to design and create our sandwiches.  We could choose from cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.  Of course we also used healthy brown bread.  Have a look at some of our photos above and below.

Our Wind farm Trip

On Wednesday 26th April we went on our school trip to the wind farm. We went on a bus and it was really fun. We saw houses, trees, bushes and people. Some of us felt a bit sleepy on the bus but I didn’t! Actually, I felt wide awake.

When we got there, I was so excited. We were split into two groups and one group started with going on a small bus called a mini bus which took us round the wind farm to a giant wind turbine and when we got off the bus I hugged it.

When we got back, we did some science about wind, sun and rain! Also, we got to play about and fiddle with stuff. ~ Abbie

When we were on the mini bus, we learned information about animals in the wind farm and wind turbines ~ Leo

The bus driver showed us pictures of a yellow spider and dragonfly and it had red eyes ~ Menahil

We did three experiments in the work shop. The wind experiment was when we had to see if we could make electricity ~ Emma

The trip was awesome! ~ Leon

Primary 2 had a great time at the wind farm and learned lots about wind turbines and different ways of creating electricity using renewable and non-renewable sources. Thank you very much to our parent helpers for joining us on our adventure.