Arthurlie Family Centre

June 20, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Importance of developing fine motor skills

The children used uncooked spaghetti to thread the pasta tubes during their play.

Fine motor skills involves the development of the smaller muscles in the hand. By developing these muscles at a young age, children will be able to go on to complete everyday tasks, such as writing, drawing, cutting with scissors and button fastening.


June 13, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Preparing vegetables and washing dishes

“I’m chopping the carrots for snack.”

“I like carrots the rabbits eat them.”

“It is hard to cut.”

“Can I have a cloth? I need to get the dirt off.”

Involving the Children

Involving children in meal routines, food choice and food preparation can be one way to help build their resilience.

If children are ‘resilient’ this means they will be more confident in making decisions, taking responsibility for their actions and can deal safely with risky situations.

The acts of choosing, growing, preparing and/or eating food allow children to explore these skills and build confidence for a happy, healthy life.

  • Here are some ways you can involve your children in food routines and activities at home:
  • Children can help with:
  • washing fruit and vegetables
  • chopping, grating, peeling, stirring
  • setting the table, serving, cleaning up afterwards
  • Children can be included in preparing for meals by:
  • Helping to plan and prepare food to share for outings and special occasions

June 9, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Our wheel barrow entry

The children have been working to complete their entry for the wheelbarrow completion. the upstairs children made a papier-mâché archaeologist to push the wheelbarrow with the Skara Brae site. Skara Brae is a Neolithic complex has been found in Orkney (Scotland). While the downstairs children designed a volcano for their wheelbarrow.

May 25, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

The children have been preparing their wheelbarrow for the Greenbank Garden Competition.

The children have been researching the theme of this years wheelbarrow competition “Archaeology” on the internet. When digging in the vegetable patch they discovered some old “things” in the soil.

“That’s a pterodactyl bone.”

“That’s an old coin. I’ll need to brush it.  That’s what Archaeologist do.”

“That’s an old thing.”




May 24, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

The children have been learning about music and musical instruments.

Benefits of Drumming for Children

Music provides a healthy, natural opportunity for children to express themselves while developing  their social, physical, and emotional skills.

The children were talking about singing with a stick and playing the drums and a metal pot.

“I’m singing with the microphone stick.”

“That’s me playing the drums with the drum sticks.”

“I was singing with a stick.”


May 5, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Thank you

Brightest Star - Supporting Bereaved Families

Thank you to everyone who helped organise and donated to the Brightest Star Charity and the Nursery Funds during the Pyjama Walk.

We raised £603.00 for the Brightest Star Charity


£603.00 for our Nursery


May 5, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Would you like some advice about toilet training, tooth brushing, homework, nits, school projects or packed lunches? NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde can help you with the stuff that’s about growing up, bodies, puberty, gender, healthy relationships, identity, staying safe and happy, sexual health and wellbeing.

Image result for nhs ggc

To find information on the NHS GGC wbsite.  Click on the link below.

May 4, 2017
by Mrs Allison

Learning about money and coins


The children have been talking about money and what we use it for, they decided to hide it in the sand and then take turns to search for it. They  then counted how much they had found and looked to see what numbers they could see on the coins. Some children went on to draw pictures of the coins they had found and some suggested that we make a treasure chest.

“This one has a 10 on it”!

“Look how many I found, I could bay toys and sweeties”

“Its got a 5 on it”.


May 3, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

The children noticed that there were large leaves growing in the vegetable patch.

The children noticed changes in the nursery garden vegetable patch.  The staff explained the leaves were a rhubarb plant. The children then collected rhubarb and prepared it cooking it in the microwave oven.

“There are great big green leaves.”

“I found a snail on the leaf.”

“It is hard to pull out.”

“We need to wash it.”

“Its hard to cut.”

“I like it. It tastes like yogurt.”

Why Rhubarb is Good to Eat
• natural sugar is low
•a good source of dietary fibre.

•supply some vitamin C


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