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March 24, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

What is a cloud?

Rain – Where Does it Come From?

Rain makes the grass green and it makes your garden grow. Have you ever wondered what makes rain though? There are always tiny drops of water vapor in the air.

The children have been asking what a cloud is. Miss Wordie asked “I wonder what clouds made from?” One child thought cotton wool. Then Miss Wordie suggested making clouds. The children added shaving foam on top of water and did an experiment to see if they could make a cloud rain. The children asked Miss Wordie, “Are clouds made from rain?” Miss Wordie said, “Yes,  a cloud is a large collection of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals.”  They then added blue food colouring to the shaving foam and watched the rain in the cup.

“This is so cool”

“It looks like lightening”



March 24, 2017
by Mrs Allison

Mini Kickers using our gross motor and fine motor skills

The children were developing their gross motor skills at mini kickers, learning <a lots of football skills and listening to and following instructions.
“My dad was talking about dribbling, I’m going to score a GOAL”.
“I like learning about football, its funny”.

Proven benefits of regular physical activity across the lifespan include: Healthy growth and development. Building strong hearts, muscles and bones. Acquisition of fundamental motor skills. Improved movement, balance, coordination and reaction time.

March 23, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Daffodil Tea Songs

Songs for Daffodil Tea

How much is that doggy  In the window?

How much is that doggy In the window?

The one with the waggly tail.

How much is that doggy in the window?

I do hope that dog is for sale.

I must take a trip to California And leave my poor sweetheart alone. If he has a dog, he won’t be lonesome, And doggie will have a good home.

I Dig My Garden

I dig my garden, I dig, dig,dig

I dig my garden I dig it deep.

I plant my seeds and I watch them grow.

Along comes a bunny rabbit, oh no!

He eats my carrots munch, munch, munch.

He eats my carrots he eats the whole bunch

I go to my garden, shoo, shoo, shoo.

If the rabbit comes back, what will I do?

Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun

Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun

Please shine down on me.

Oh Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun

Hiding behind a tree.

These little children are asking you

To please come out so we can play with you.

Oh Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun

Please shine down on

Please shine down on

Please shine down on me.

I’m a Little Teapot

I’m a little teapot, short and stout

Here’s my handle, here’s my spout.

When the kettle’s boiling

Hear me shout

Tip me up and pour me out!

 Chick, Chick, Chick Chicken            

Chick, chick, chick, chick chicken,

Lay a little egg for me.

Chick, chick, chick, chick chicken,

I want one for my tea.

Oh, I haven’t had an egg since Easter,

 And now it’s half past three.

So, chick, chick, chick, chick chicken,

Lay a little egg for me.            


One Mother Hen

One mother hen sat on 4 little eggs

Keeping them warm in her little egg nest.

Then one day she heard a crack.

 And a little voice said as the egg was hatched:

I’m…..a…..spring chicken!

I’m yellow and small

My feathers are fluffy and they’re keeping me warm.

My legs are not long  so I’ll never be tall

But I’m a real spring chicken and I’m having a ball.

March 22, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Intergenerational Working

“I want to come back.”


“I’m drawing me in my book.”

“That’s a flower I made.”


The children in the Teddy Bear Club visited Millview Nursing Home today. The children made photoframes with the adults in the care home.  Then the children and adults sang together using musical instruments.

Nursing home assisted living adults can often feel isolated and excluded. Developing stronger connections between these older adults and our community can have tremendous benefits for young and old. Even older adults with serious memory loss can still enjoy a visit, even if they don’t remember it later.

Children can learn how to interact with people different than themselves and they learn responsibility – because the older people depend on them.

March 21, 2017
by Mrs Allison

St Patricks Day Cooking Extravaganza

St Patricks day the children wanted to cook but we had to look through our recipe book to find one with no eggs. We found one for scones and made the mixture but one of the girls wanted pink scones so the others decided to have green as it was St Patricks day. Once we mixed all the ingredients by mixing it between our fingers then squishing it with our hands we used our hands to roll them into balls and put them into cases to cook.
The scones were ‘yummy’. The girls were able to count out the cases we were using and split the mixture into 6 pieces to make the scones.

Cooking encourages creativity. This allows children to make decisions giving them opportunities to experiment and be creative. 


Cooking experiences develop children’s small motor control. Using cooking tools, such as shredders, graters, grinders, and melon ballers develops fine motor skills.

March 16, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

I wonder what material is waterproof…

The children tested which material was waterproof during their learning . They used swatches of material attached to the top of the plastic cups then they poured water onto the material.  Some of the material allowed the water to drip through into the cup, while other materials stopped the water seeping through.

The children selected the “plastic” swatches of  material and thought this material  would be waterproof. They tested their thoughts and said, “No water in the cup! I’m right!”

Staff said, “So its waterproof?”  The children shook their heads and said, “It is, its waterproof.”

The fur material allowed the water to seep through. “The water is in the cup,” said one child.

Staff said, “So would you wear a fur jacket in the rain?” The children said, no!”

Staff said, So this fur material is not waterproof.?”

The children said, “No it isn’t waterproof!”

March 15, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

I wonder what will happen to the paint, chalk and liquid chalk when the chalk board gets wet.

The children wrote on the chalk board with different writing materials.  They used water based paint, chalk and liquid chalk.

Staff then asked the children what would happen to the paint, chalk and liquid chalk if it rained.

Some children thought the paint, chalk and liquid chalk would disappear.

Then the children tested their theory and used a bottle of water on the chalk board. The children squirted the water on the board and watched as the paint and the chalk washed away.  Only the liquid chalk remained on the board.

The children said, “its the liquid chalk, its the liquid chalk, its still there.”


March 15, 2017
by Mrs Liddell

Muddy Movers. I can use loose parts outdoors.

“Help!!! I’m stuck.”

“I’ll need to phone 9,9,9, to get help.”

“Boys and girls, there’s a child stuck at the top of the hill, what do you think we could do to help?” “How can we get to him, cause there’s a river.” “We could build a bridge.” “How can we build a bridge?” “What do you think we could use?” “We could use these?” “Use the crates, that’s a great idea. Anything else?”

“What about this plank of wood?” “That’s great. That will help us to reach him.”

“We’ve made it. We’ve rescued him.”

“Watch you don’t fall in. The sharks will get you.”

The children had a problem. There was a child stuck at the top of the hill and he needed rescued. The children had to problem-solve and try to find ways to cross the river to get to the child. The children used the loose parts to make a bridge, which they did so in a team

March 14, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Role play is a brilliant way of encouraging your child to use their creativity and imagination. The children shared their knowledge about what they knew about the Fire Service. Then they designed and made a fire engine.

The children made a fire engine from an old box, used a hose to put out chalk drawing fire and block built fires.  They then shared their drawings in a book about their learning.

This is what the children said about “Fire”.

“When the fire comes, you start to go outside when you hear the alarm.”

“You can start a fire with sticks when you rub them together.”

“When Mummy burnt the toast I got a really big fright, something really loud happened, it was a big circle that made the big noise.  It was a smoke alarm.  Mummy used the towel.”

“The fire engine goes nee nee-naw.  The water swishes out.”

March 13, 2017
by Mrs Allison

Messy Play is a fun sensory experience for children of all ages

We are are having fun exploring some of our senses touch, smell  and sight this week we have investigated shredded paper, angel delight, cooked pasta, shaving foam and glupe.

It tasted like yogurt.

I played here its alien ears. Its cold and frosty.

 I think it feels just like stickiness, cream stickiness.

 Oh look at my hands they are all slimey.

The children explore and learn through their senses they enjoy messy experiences both indoors and out in our nursery garden.  FACT; Messy play stimulates the senses. The tactile experience gained during messy play helps little ones experience a variety of textures. During messy play, babies and toddlers are developing eye hand coordination and fine motor skills. What looks like a mess on the surface is truly a learning experience for your child.

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