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April 12, 2018
by Mrs Liddell

Parent and Child Workshops

We are holding parent and child workshops on Thursday, 19th April at 4.15 pm. The workshops include:

Sensory Play

Risky Play (woodwork)

Loose Parts Play




If you can attend the workshops, can you please give your name to your child’s keyperson.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Thank you for support.

April 11, 2018
by Mrs Liddell



Thank you to all the parent/carers for attending our Messy/Sensory Play session today. Messy and sensory play is all about exploring and there is no right or wrong in this type of play. This allows children to make their own discoveries using all their senses, curiosity and knowledge. This was evident today, as the children were able to explore the various themes in the tuft spots such as “Peas Glorious Peas,” “Daffodil Tea,” “The Farm,” “Arthurlie Trifle,” plus much more. The children were able to make new friends and enhance all their senses and discover different textures and tastes. It was excellent fun and of course extremely messy. Thank you for your feedback.

“Good for parents to come along to and see how children behave and see ability of different skills.”

“I think messy play is great especially for babies, as it’s learning new things.”

“The messy play was particularly good for my 2 year old as she enjoyed all the stations. Her brother enjoyed playing with the soil and vegetables, as well as the water bottles.”



March 27, 2018
by Mrs Liddell

March Newsletter 2018

Hi Everyone,

Sorry but there seemed to be a problem viewing the recent newsletter. This has now been rectified and is now able to open in the newsletter section under March 2018.

Sorry for any inconvience caused. Should you have any more difficulty, then please don’t hestitate to speak to someone.

Thank you

March 22, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Sponsored Bunny Hop

Sponsored Bunny Hop

The children were very creative designing and building their assault course for today’s event. The children used loose parts and muddy mover’s resources collaboratively.  Some of the children produced their ideas on paper and discussed it with others. The children then collected their resources in and around the garden area.  Crates, large and small tyres, wooden planks, benches and tunnels where placed by the children who then created an obstacle course. The children used number bunny art work to number the stations and travelled along their course hopping and jumping.

“We need 8 tyres.”

“That goes there.”

“We need more.”

Where is number 3? “We need number 3.”

“I need help to cross the bridge.”

“I’m in the tyre. Push me in the tyre,”




March 21, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Thank you Tesco in Barrhead for donating fruit for our Sponsor Bunny Hop Obstacle Course which is on Thursday 22 March 2018 during the children’s session at nursery.

Designing their own obstacle course

The children can select a range of materials to design and build their own obstacle course.

I wonder what they will select from these loose parts and how will they use it!

In conjunction with our Sponsored Hop Tesco in Barrhead have kindly donated fruit for all the children to take home afterwards.



March 20, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Children found plastic bottles in the recyling and used a saw to cut them on the workbench.

What are the benefits of using real tools?

·         Allows children to actively learn

.      Encourages children to play

·         Gives the opportunity to think and create

·         Children can begin risk assessing themselves

·         Gives children responsibility and independence

·         Shows children you trust them

·         Great for motor skills

·         Supports communication and language development

·         Promotes hand eye coordination

·         Can encourage children to learn self-control

·         Great for problem-solving opportunities

·         Gives real hand experiences

·         Can promote development



March 20, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

The official opening of our new centre.

Pupils, staff, parents and invited guests gathered to celebrate the official opening of our new centre today.

During the celebrations children dressed as builders sang songs for their guests. Then the guests visited the playrooms and talked with the children about their new learning environments.


March 9, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Arthurlie Family Centre’s Dentist in Zickety Dickety Room.


Role play is a fantastic way for dental practices and oral health educators to demonstrate what happens during a routine dental check-up. It’s important that children learn to get used to the environment of a dental practice from an early age, and get rid of any nervous they may have about visiting.

Our Learning

Children’s learning has benefited from a dentist role play area being developed when the children shared their ideas with others. The children planned the dentist role play area and decided it needed a toothbrushes, a computer and some newspapers.

“We don’t have toothbrushes for the patient.” One child lead the play and used a wooden lollipop stick and glued a feather on it. “I’ve made a toothbrush.”  Another children then made their own toothbrush by modeling paper, folding it to make the shape of a toothbrush.



March 9, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

A great big thank you to Tesco’s Branch in Barrhead who donated food through Tesco’s Community Food Connections Programme.

Arthurlie Family Centre has received donations of food through Tesco’s Community Food Connection programme where surplus food is supplied to charities and community groups across the UK.

The food is a mixture of bakery products, fruit and vegetables, cheese and yogurt.  Items marked with a “use by” date that can be frozen on the evening of its end date.

The children have benefited from these food donations making tomato and basil soup and sensory experiences in the playrooms.

“That’s noodles and I’m putting mushrooms in it. I’m mixing it.”

I’m playing with the food. It feels slummy.”

March 9, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Some photos of today’s Book Bug session with some of our new families.

What is a Bookbug Session?

Bookbug Sessions combine stories, songs and rhymes in a fun and interactive way for children and families. A Bookbug Session is typically about 30 minutes long. It will always start with a hello song and end with a goodbye song. It will include songs and rhymes and a story.

Sharing books with your child has many wonderful benefits and it is never too early or too late to start. Sharing books together will:

  • Develop your child’s language skills
  • Help you bond with your child
  • Help your child feel more relaxed
  • Boost your child’s confidence
  • Encourage your child to draw and write
  • Give your child a head start in life
  • Most importantly, it’s lots of fun!

March 7, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Chrome Music Lab – Why not try it at home on your tablet?

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

The children have been producing music by forming shapes and the letters of their names.

“This is “J” for Jamie and “J” is for Jordan.”

“Listen to this. I hit the buttons on the screen. I made the music.”

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