Arthurlie Family Centre

September 19, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Welcome to our Jungle in Ally Bally Bee Room

Children have taken part in collecting resources for our jungle area collecting mint leaves, anise seeds and branches from the woods, going on jungle animal hunts around the playrooms to find other animals and books. There are lots of different textures and loose parts in our jungle to create imaginative ideas. Children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring a variety of animals and taking part in role pay with peers. We have also added some African drums! Come and join in the fun!


September 18, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Did you know that blowing bubbles can have a calming effect on children?

The exercise of blowing the bubble encourages children to practice deep breathing which has calming effects on the body. The activity of blowing bubbles is also good for strengthening muscles in the mouth.

How to make bubble paint

Put a squirt of paint and a squirt of washing-up liquid into a container. Add a little water and mix well until the mixture is runny enough to blow bubbles with. Using the straw, blow into the mixture until the container is so full of bubbles that they rise above the top rim.




September 17, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

The children have been exploring the new water resources in the Zickety Dickety Room.

When playing with water children learn:


  • to improve their skill at pouring by developing their arm and hand muscles
  • how water behaves when you pour it from one container to another
  • how water feels and that it can be squirted
  • objects either float or sink
  • that containers hold the most or least
  • that water leaks from containers with holes
  • hand eye co-ordination


“This is so cool!”

“Look its coming out the pipe”

September 12, 2018
by Mrs Liddell

Family Maths Fun

Thanks to everyone who came along to our parent and child maths session. We had fun sorting leaves, sticks and acorns and making patterns together. If you collect leaves this weekend, you could try sorting by shape or colour or size. Can you make a two-part pattern?

September 11, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

DIY Outdoor Games to Make with stones

The children have demonstrated their knowledge of matching and number order using the number line on a piece of wood and number stones.

Games don’t have to come in a box and they definitely don’t need to be battery operated to be enjoyable. Sometimes the best games are the simplest. Playing games outdoors using natural materials can support children’s learning.


September 11, 2018
by Sheena Rainey

Visit to the park.

During our visit to the woods the children were fascinated by the texture of the leaves, and the changing colours. We discussed what the leaves feel like.

September 11, 2018
by Mrs Liddell


We are looking for a telephone table, Welsh Dresser and a bureau. If you can help with this or know where we could any of these items, could you please see your child’s key person.

Thank you

Image result for telephone desk chairHill Interiors Churchill Grey Glazed Dresser

Image result for bureau

September 7, 2018
by Mrs Liddell

Banana muffins

Some of the children were helping to make banana muffins this week. The children were learning to keep safe when using electrical equipment, as well as learning how to follow a recipe and bake in the oven. A parent was very intrigued by what her child was doing so she decided to stay to get involved with the whole process. Another child enjoyed making the muffins so much that he made them when he went home with his gran. Children went to the house area afterwards and re-created making the muffins in there. They demonstrated symbolic play and also demonstrated the skills they learned whilst making the muffins.

“It’s like toffee.”

“I want to do it.”

“What’s this your making?”

“It looks like ice-cream.”

“I’m making banana muffins.”

September 6, 2018
by Mrs Liddell

Mud Kitchen

The children helped to set up our new mud kitchen in the Aiken Drum room. The children were able to explore the mud and learn about different technologies, as well as using their imagination.

“Ping, Ping. I’ve made mud pies.”

“You need to close the microwave door.”

September 6, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Where does this go?

The children have been sorting and labelling the resources.

The children have been exploring their new nursery environments after their summer break. To support the children’s learning the children and staff have been taking photographs of the resources to label the storage drawers.

The loose parts stored near the sand are now easily returned to their correct storage drawer.

The children were heard discussing the labels. “That’s a picture of the shells.  The shells go in there.” “I found a lid in the sand. It goes in the bottle top drawer.”

Did you know

Young children start sorting early on when they put their toys in colour-oriented piles. Colour is just one way to sort items. Here are some other sorting groups the children have been demonstrating during their play in nursery.

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Length
  • Type of objects




September 5, 2018
by Mrs Silvester

Explore Patterns, Grow a Math Brain

There are many natural opportunities for pattern play with children in everyday activities.

In nursery the children were engaged in a pattern game on the smartboard. “I know the next shape. It’s a triangle.” The children repeated the pattern during the game helping their friends with the next shape or colour in the sequence.

The children then used plastic coloured monkeys to explore patterns. “That’s a purple monkey then its green next.”

Things to try at home

Finding Patterns Children often identify repeating patterns naturally occurring in their environment such as stripes on a shirt (red, yellow, blue; red, yellow, blue).

Creating Patterns. Encourage your child to create patterns by arranging coloured blocks, crayons, different sized objects, or stringing beads and more. You can also invite them to create patterns in their physical movements such as “jump, jump, clap; jump, jump, clap.”



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