Arthurlie Family Centre

October 6, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Exploring colours, patterns and shapes on the light box.

One of the children brought some very interesting objects to explore at nursery.  Staff put the items in a bag and the children explored the objects using only their hands. To encourage the children to use their sense of touch they covered their eyes.

Then some of the children used the objects to explore patterns, making their own patterns on the light box.

“It feels like a rocket”

“This one is smooth.”

The children had been touching shells.





October 5, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

During their play the children made pasta in the microwave oven. They added fresh basil to their mixture and drained it.

Sensory Experiences

We rely on their senses to explore the world. Cooking experiences offers child opportunities to use their senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Working with food encourages a child to develop their senses, how to use their eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue to observe the things. In addition, children can improve their fine motor skills when helping out in the kitchen.

October 4, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Musical Instruments

Introducing music instruments to young children can be done using everyday objects found in the home. Items like small pots and pans, pot covers, metal ladles, wooden spoons, salt & pepper shakers, bottles filled with varying amounts of water, pencils, pens, rulers to create various sounds.

Some of the children tried out different instruments during their gym sessions from the number bags. The children explored each bag which contained bells, wooden agogos, maracas and triangles moving them in different ways to produce sounds.

October 3, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Floating and Sinking

Today the children’s interest was sinking and floating. We went on a hunt around the garden for different resources – we even found a frog! We had a discussion about what they thought would sink and what they thought would float.

MM -“I found a leaf I think this will float”

Miss McCann-“I wonder why it will float?”

MM-“Because its not heavy the stones are.”

RJ –“Look the twig is swimming it’s not sinking its staying at the top of the puddle”

September 27, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Thank you to everyone who supported our MacMillan Coffee Event.

Our nursery community worked together fundraising for charity and had fun doing so. Thank you to all who attended our Coffee Event. It was a huge success with the children providing entertainment by singing for the visitors and tasty cakes were enjoyed by all.

The builders from our new nursery also joined us for tea, cake and song.


September 26, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

All cake donations welcome tomorrow for the MacMillan Coffee event for the morning and afternoon sessions.

The children have continued to prepare for the MacMillan coffee event on Wednesday during their play. First they built a cake stand following the instruction leaflet using the screwdriver to twist the screw to put all the pieces of the stand together. Then they made playdough cakes and counted the cakes onto the cake stand. Later they practiced their singing for tomorrow’s MacMillan’s event.

The parents fundraising group delivered letters asking for donations of tea, coffee and biscuits to local shops within our community. We would like to thank everyone for the all the generous donations.

We are looking forward to seeing the parents and carers for tea, coffee and cakes on Wednesday. The donation boxes will be on the tables.

September 20, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

The children have continued to design their pirate ships both inside and out.

The sandpit inside and the decked area in the  upstairs garden have both been developed into pirate ships. The children made a jolly roger flags and painted a wooden plank for the pirates to walk along.

The children then followed their treasure maps which led them to the  sandpit where they enjoyed digging for the buried treasure. They made pirate hats and telescopes. The children took part in some pirate role play, making each other walk the plank whilst scary sharks swam around beneath them.

The children have also  enjoyed pirate stories and snack on their ship.

September 19, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

MacMillan Coffee Event

The children have started getting organised for the MacMillan Coffee Event on Wednesday 27th September.  They have been exploring the resources sent from the charity and making their own decorations for the home corner and the gym hall.

The children also created a banner for outside the nursery to encourage our community to donate and participate in this event.


September 14, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Investigating, exploring and following the children’s interest provides a great starting point for children’s learning.

The children were interested in a pirates treasure chest found in the sand. Staff said, “I wonder how the treasure chest got in the sand area and who might have left it. Some children thought it must be Captain Hook and he had jumped out from one of the story books.

Staff and parents provided resources and the children made treasure chests in small groups using boxes found in the recycling basket.

The children selected paint and used  resources in the art area to decorate their treasure chests.

One child  said,“I want to put jewels on mine.”

Another child said, “I would like feathers.”

Reduce, reuse and recycle also helps protect the environment.


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