Children Mental Health.

As it is Children’s Mental Health awareness week, we have a link to a virtual assembly hosted by a local author who has visited the nursery to read the story to our children. This book Lucy’s Blue Day talks openly about emotions and that it’s OK to be NOT OK. We hope you enjoy it.
Good Morning, I am writing to let you know about a virtual assembly that I am holding this Friday for everyone and anyone who wishes to join us.
On Friday 5th February at 2 pm, we will be launching our very own Virtual Assembly, for free, for Children all over the UK. This past year has been tough on us all, and our assemblies have proven very effective in helping our children understand their own emotions and mental health.
This assembly is open to everyone—children learning at home, children learning in classrooms, teachers, parents and carers. This is the link to register:
Click here to register for free

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