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Yoga : Animal postures


Hi Everyone.                                                                                           I hope you are well and staying safe. This sunshine is wonderful and I hope that you have managed to find time to go outside and enjoy this lovely weather.

This week As it is rather warm at the moment I have chosen a yoga activity for you try.
Yoga can be done inside or outside depending on how you are feeling.

The postures are all related to animals so if you have a family pet please have A look at how your dog or cat moves about. This will help you to understand why the  yoga postures are named after animals.

Please have a look at the  YouTube link above and enjoy trying Yoga at home.
Take Care

Mrs Feeney


Shadow Drawing! ☀️

Good morning!

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. This week the art challenge is focussed around the sunny weather.

If you are able to get outdoors then perhaps you’d like to try some shadow drawing. You could trace around absolutely anything, even the people in your household!

Perhaps try tracing with chalk or filling in the shadowed area with water. Or maybe create some shadow puppets. This can be done indoors with templates or hands.

Stay safe in the sun!

Mrs Macdonald. 🎨

Actions with parents

Hi I hope you’re all well! I’m missing the children loads.
Staying active is important.
some nice weather ideas:

With sand build sandcastles; dig a hole on the beach; build a crocodile on the beach; build a mountain on the beach; build anything you can think of dig tunnels and………..

Destroy your artwork on the beach can be great fun or watch the water take it away with the tide if you plan right. Water: blow bubbles; spray mist water plants make little holes in the lid of a milk bottle so the water comes out slowly. Keep a big bucket handy and teach the children to dunk their bottle themselves to fill back up saves you a bit of running up and down to the tap. Alternatively keep a stack of bottles handy, when they are done game us over.

Have a wet sponge/ balled socks fight; do a target practice ; play catch

Ball: play passes rolling sitting or lying down; pass sitting down; standing up kick; throw; bounce pass; overhead pass; chest pass

Dribble a course; practice on a target

Sheet and balloon. If you put a little water in the balloon it won’t blow away so quickly and behaves funny. Basically use the sheet/towel or cloth to wip up the balloon as you would with a parachute it’s teamwork; wip up and catch; pass to another team ; make rallies or kewpie uppie etc.

Have fun and stay active, healthy and happy!


Sunshine Workout

Good Morning everyone,

I hope that you are all well and staying safe.

To stay motivated I have put on a link to a 5 minute workout that can be done everyday.

This workout can be done outside in the lovely sunshine or inside in a small space.

Its important that we are all staying fit and healthy and managing to put some exercise into our daily routine.

I hope you enjoy  “The Body Coach” 5 minute workout.  Please check out the link below and get started. https://youtu.be/d3LPrhI0v-w

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Feeney

Cloud Dough! ☁️

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend, despite the rainy weather.

Please find below a link on how to make your own sensory cloud dough. It’s super simple to make and uses only two ingredients:

  • cornflour
  • conditioner (cheapest is best!)

Food colouring can also be added but this is optional.


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Macdonald. 🎨

A memory action game called Donkey

Play with a few people in your family: at least two.  The first person does an action, the second person copies and add another action, the next person does the two actions and adds a third, the next person does all three and adds a fourth. If you make a mistake in either the order or the actions or both (depending on level) you get a letter D Next time O until Donkey is formed. The first person to have Donkey is the looser.  Carry on till one person is left as the winner.

Easy version the first person to make a mistake is the Donkey and can start a new series of actions.

I can see a rainbow! 🌈

Good morning everyone!

This week the art challenge is all about rainbows. There are lots of rainbows around reminding us to stay safe.

Follow the link below if you would like to try growing you very own.


Alternatively, you may wish to create a collage rainbow. If you don’t have access to coloured paper or paint, then why not use recycled material like empty cereal boxes, crisp packets, magazines, bottle tops… whatever you have!

There is colour all around us, brightening up our day and making us smile.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs. Macdonald. 🎨 😊

Fine Motor Skills Activities for little fingers

Good morning

I hope that you are all well and staying safe.

This weeks PE activity can be done indoors and will help with improving fine motor skills.

Fine Motor skill is the co-ordination of small muscles, in movements – usually involving the synchronisation of hands and fingers- with the eyes.

With the improvement of these skills, a child is  able to improve life skills such as  feeding oneself, dressing, coping with buttons, zippers, holding a pencil and many other day to day activities.

To practise some activities please check out the link below.


Have Fun.

Mrs Feeney