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Printing with fruit and vegetables

Our theme is the Hungry Caterpillar. We were able to identify some fruits and vegetables and use these to complete some art work. We cut up the fruit and vegetables and dipped them in paint and made printing patterns on the paper. We investigated the print in made. Some worked better than others. We really liked the pear shape it made. We used carrots, potatoes, apples and pears.


Our Favourite Weather!


The Bluebells class gathered information from all of the pupils and staff in Willowbank school. We went round all the classes and asked everyone what their favourite weather was.

We counted our findings and put these on 3 charts. One showing the Infant corridor’s favourite, one showing the Middle Primary’s favourite and one showing the Secondary Department’s favourite.

Fun in India

The Beech class are in India this week as part of our mini-topic.  We have had great fun exploring the culture of India and Hinduism through the arts and story telling.

  We made our own rangoli patterns using dyed salt.

 We learned about the Taj Mahal and other religious buildings that are in India.

  We made diva lamps after learning all about the Festival of Light – Diwali


 Skye helped to make home-made playdough and used lentils to make a Mandala style pattern on it.


We also read and role-played the story of Rama and Sita before exploring the festival of Diwali and learning about the different Hindu Gods.



The Bluebells class enjoyed making mini pizzas in the cookery room today.  Pizzas fell from the sky in our theme film “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”.

We loved rolling the dough and making round pizza bases and carefully grated blocks of cheese. We are excited to take them home and share with our family!

IDL – Numeracy Survey

This week we used a lot of skills to complete a supermarket survey within our school.  We wanted to find out which supermarket was the most popular.

We used our communication skills to speak and sign in full sentences, we were all confident individuals when entering other classes.

We gathered the results, added up all the numbers and created a bar chart.

The winner of the most used supermarket is…………………………………………

TESCO, with ASDA and MORRISON’s being a close second.