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IDL – Working together and Sharing

Our morning group, everyone is confident individuals and sign in, choose a friend then say ‘Good morning’. Great interaction with class friends every day with no prompting.

So this week we were successful learners making homemade pizza.  We made no yeast pizza dough and our own fresh tomato sauce.

Everyone was pleased with the results and it tasted delicious, Our pizza dough was made from flour and low fat natural yoghurt.

Our IDL topic book ‘Pizza Day’ explains about all working together to create lovely healthy food, tidying up afterwards and siting together to share the food we all made.

Playing with Percussion Instruments!


The Bluebells class are loving their theme “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”.  During the film, there are lots of scenes with different types of weather.

We had a challenge to find instruments and materials that reminded us of different weather – sunshine, rainy days, windy days and thunder. We enjoyed playing these instruments along to the weather song and had to listen carefully so we knew if it was our turn to play or not.

Getting ready for our Trip


This week we have taken part in a lot of our IDL topic work.  We were confident individuals learning about the process of going to the airport.  Then we went to our Oak Travel Agents to book our holiday to Australia.  The boys were able to be effective communicators to share information about their dream holiday.

They worked on their literacy skills, reading, writing and signing / speaking to tell their friends how many people were going on their holiday, the type of accommodation they would like to sleep and their mode of transport to get to Australia.

This week we were effective contributors to help make our Lamington Australian cake,  the boys listened to instructions well when baking this cake.