More pupil updates!

Thanks for all the photo updates over the weekend! It’s lovely to see how everyone is getting on! If you have photos to share, send please send there here.  (When sending photos, it’s a big help if they’re landscape.)

This young man in the Sungazers class has been really busy helping around the house with chores, planting seeds, writing and posting a letter to his gran and papa and being a great big brother. Well done!

Thanks to this star from the Pine class’s mum for sending this photo of him sitting up so tall, looking bright and cheery!

Wow! This family had a VE Day party in the garden. How amazing do they all look?

You might remember one of our families has been visiting the local cows on their daily walk.  The cow has had its calf – Casper!

One thought on “More pupil updates!”

  1. Well the Pine Ladies will be very happy to see a certain young man sitting up nice and tall – Well done!!!
    And what a cute calf Casper is – moooooo!!!

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