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#OurOnthank Virtual Summer Assembly – Celebrate our ‘Best Bits’

As our school year comes to an end, we are excited to share our Pupil Council and RRS Ambassadors-led ‘Summer Assembly’ celebrating #OurOnthank2020 memories and highlights.

Why not sit with a cuppa and your family and tune in as we proudly remind ourselves, in true Onthank style, nothing stopped our full school community from uniting and creating learning and life experiences to cherish.

Thank you #OurOnthank and Happy Holidays!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Bustle to Belgium – WE SMASHED IT! #LEGENDS


What a way to end our Walking to School Week celebrations!

Not only did our young people and staff look fantastic in their daily walking challenges, but #OurOnthank Community has also logged 1485.89 miles – BOOM!

Thank you to all our staff and families for registering your miles, please continue to do so – let’s see just how many miles we have achieved. Final total announced on Monday.

Parent Council – you challenged us, we accepted that challenge and totally smashed it in 5 days. What an achievement. Thanks for your encouragement along the way.

For now, enjoy a restful weekend, and thank you all once again.

#BustleToBelgium #SMASHEDIT #Proud

Introducing Our House Captains

It’s the time of year to announce who are House Captains will be as we move towards our Sports Days.

Our Captains for Craufurdland are Faye and Lewis with Jessica and Maya as the Vice Captains

Leading Dean this year we have Daniel and Sophie as Captains with Melody, Kyle and Alex as Vice Captains.


Hoping the take the cup for Kay this year we have Niamh and Lewis as team Captains with Lily and Oliver ably assisting as the Vice Captains.

Finally we have team Rowallan.  This year they will be led by Captains Callum and Aimee with Max and Liam as Vice Captains.


As we begin our sporting activities next week all of our captains will have the opportunity to help (in a Covid friendly way) at different year groups activities.

We all wish them well and in true sporting fashion, may the best team win!

Parent Council – ‘Bustle to Belgium: 1416 miles’ Challenge – Log Your Miles!

Parent Council Walk to School Week Challenge – ‘Bustle to Belgium’

Monday 17th May – Friday 21st May 2021

Well families, it’s that time of year again where we promote our ‘Walk to School Week’.

We encourage as many of our families as possible to participate, either together as you drop off/collect your child or allow your child to walk to and from school independently.

As part of our events scheduled throughout the week, we are excited to announce our Parent Council:

“Bustle to Belgium: 1416 miles” challenge!

With Kilmarnock being twinned with Herstal in Belgium, our PC challenges our full Onthank Primary School Community to walk the 708 miles there (and back!) as part of our walk to school week fundraising fun!


So, what are our guidelines?

  1. Plan out your week as a family – why not set a target?
  2. Log your walk/jog/run daily using a device or APP including: Fitbits/IPhone/’Strava APP’/Other.
  3. Complete this Blog Form at the end of each day, inserting how many miles you/your family has achieved.
  4. Complete and return the fundraising form to the school on Monday 24th May 2021. Funds can be made in cash or via ParentPay.
  5. Why not take a family selfie during a walk and send to
  6. Mystery prizes for the family and individual pupils across our 7 stages that complete the most miles!

So, what’s our school doing?

  1. Our Senior Leadership Team has made a commitment to walk 60 miles contributing to our total.
  2. Our Parent Council has made a commitment to walk 75 miles contributing to our total.
  3. Staff and pupils will participate in The Daily Mile throughout the week, with staff logging class totals.


  1. Our Parent Council have supported our young people and staff in 2020/21 with funds towards outdoor learning resources, 2 new sound system speakers, P7 Leavers Mugs and more. We fundraise to further support their contribution to 2021/22 trips, events and pupil identified learning resources.

Don’t Forget!

  1. Our PC remind you this is ‘just for fun’ and our families can join in if they wish, but participation is not compulsory.
  2. For those participating – thank you – do what you can – ‘every mile counts’!

Thank you from our Parent Council for your support, community spirit and ‘many miles’ as we embark on our ‘Belgium Bustle’.


Our Parent Council are delighted to host our final virtual quiz of this academic year, supporting our Rights Respecting School May Article 31: “you have the right to play and relax by doing things like sports, music and drama”.

Please complete the form below to register and donate via ParentPay.

Mr Swan will issue the Zoom link and Quiz Guidelines after school on Friday 14th May.

Join us – virtually – for another fun filled family evening!

#OurOnthank #ParentCouncil #FamilyQuiz #WillYouBeOurWinner


New House Shields Unveiled

Today we are officially unveiling our new House Shields which have been designed by children from all across the school.  After sorting through almost 500 entries the Pupil Council had the task of selecting a winner for each of our new houses: Craufurdland, Dean, Kay and Rowallan.

The Craufurdland shield was designed by Ailah in P2K who took the idea to use a castle design as the real Craufurdland Castle is near to where she stays.

The Dean shield was designed by Greg in P6M who used a deer design as he often walks his dog on the Dean Park and sees the deer which live there.

The Kay shield was designed by Lily in P7H who was inspired the Marie Curie Field of Hope at the Kay Park because it is such an important strategy. Daffodils symbolise hope and new beginnings.

Finally, the Rowallan shield has been designed by Breckin in OLC 3. The creature in the centre stands for powering  through no matter what happens. The blue stands for the Rowallan team with the mindfulness colours standing for calmness.

Each of our winners were today presented with an artist set as a prize for their hard work.

A huge congratulations to our four deserving winners and a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the competition.



Dear Families,

What better way to celebrate our full school return next week than with our Red Nose Day Extravaganza on Friday 19th March!

Please see our activities below and the ways in which we plan to raise money for Comic Relief:


Young people, staff & families are invited to dress up as their favourite SUPERHERO, create their own Superhero costume, showcase their Red Nose Day T-shirts or wear anything red!

FUNDS: £1 donation to Comic Relief paid via ParentPay or Gate Donation Buckets to dress up!



All classes will participate in a dance/fitness session outdoors with Mr Swan (weather permitting)!



Heather will be baking up a ‘COVID Friendly’ storm offering her famous Shortbread and Empire Biscuits which will be individually wrapped following guidance and given to your child to take home.

6 pieces Shortbread: £3

4 Empire Biscuits: £2.50

FUNDS: Visit Parent Pay to book and pay for your baking treats!



Keep your eyes peeled for our Parent Council Superhero Family Quiz poster coming soon…!

FUNDS: £2 minimal donation via ParentPay for Comic Relief



5. #OurOnthankOnline Challenge

“Funny is Power” is the Comic Relief Slogan this year. As part of our whole school community challenge, we would like you and your family to video record you favourite jokes, rhymes and share them to make us LAUGH!

Please submit you jokes videos to by THURSDAY 18TH MARCH 7PM


Staff have additional exciting activities planned for the day!

YOUR DONATIONS: Donations can be made via ParentPay or on Friday 19th in the buckets! Thank you in advance for your donations, all of which are going towards Comic Relief.

RRS ARTICLE 15: Your right to meet friends (@ School & Virtually)!

Any questions, please email Mr Swan on

#OurOnthank #ComicRelief #RedNoseDay #ThankYou