Homework W.B 26.04.21

Hello everyone, happy Monday. I hope you are all feeling refreshed from enjoying the sunshine at the weekend and ready for another fabulous week at school. Remember to complete your homework and hand it in on a Thursday. If you have any problems please remember to ask me for some help.


Read your book aloud at home. Remember to answer the Bug Questions. Aim for green.

Toucans: Flips and Spins

Sloths: Adventure Kids: Run in the Rainforest

Chimps: Choose Me! (Pg 15-end of book)



Yellow Group Words: 

because     with    always    are    knew    I’m    hear

Task: Write 7 sentences with each sentence containing a word from your list. Remember to include capital letters. finger spaces and full stops. Can anybody use the punctuation we have learned to challenge themselves?


Green Group Words: 

beautiful  winter  February  happened  eight   practising  cupboard  before   teacher

Task: Write a phoneme story which contains all of the words above. I would also like your story to include 3 adjectives. Underline your spelling words and adjectives with a ruler.

Numeracy: For numeracy this week I have set you a task on Sumdog. This task is revising some of the concepts that we have covered so far in Primary 3 and Primary 4. Remember to complete this by Thursday.


This week in topic we have been working on our researching skills. We have used Google as a search engine to find out information. I would like you to research the moon. In your jotter/paper I would like you to answer the following questions:

What is the temperature on the moon?

What is the distance from the moon to Earth?

Who was the first person to land on the moon?

Write down 3 interesting facts about the moon.



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