Homework W.B Monday 24th May

Hello lovely people. Who is ready for another week? I can’t wait to see what this one brings. Please have your homework completed for Thursday.


Chimps: Cloud Rider (Chapters 7, 8 and 9) 

Toucans: Ben 10 Tourist Trap (You will need your book from the classroom)  

Sloths: Fright at the Fair (Chapters 1,2 and 3) 

Remember to answer all of the Bug questions. 


You have been set a challenge called ‘Homework Challenge’ on Sumdog. Please complete this challenge for Thursday. Make sure it is the correct one that you complete.



Please see the sheet that you were given out in class. Remember this project is due on Friday 11th June. If you have any questions just let me know.



Homework W.B Monday 17th May

Happy Monday Primary 3/4. I just can’t wait to see what this week brings us. I am so lucky getting to spend another whole week with you. Let’s shine like the little stars that we are.


Remember to answer the Bug questions on each page. Aim for green, green and green!

Chimps: Cloud Rider (Chapter 4, 5 and 6)

Toucans: Yun and the Fire Demon

Sloths: All Aboard


Yellow Group- This week is our consolidation week. We are revising our sounds and common words that we have already learned. At home I would like you to practise spelling this group of common words.

white  why  also  turn  great  should  would  open  song  fly  read  even

Choose at least 2 tasks from the spelling menu to complete for Thursday.


Green Group: This week we are continuing to spell words containing different representations of the ‘oe’ phoneme. Can you choose 8 words from your core phoneme chart and write the dictionary definitions?



Numeracy: This week in numeracy we are focusing on finding fractions of amounts. Please complete the sheet below for your group. Remember if you are stuck to ask me for any help.Please have this completed for Thursday.






IDL:  Last week you were given the task to plan your own planet. I absolutely loved your ideas and I am really looking forward to this ongoing project. We are going to be creating these planets over the next couple of weeks. This week I would like you to draw me a plan of how you are going to create this planet. I am looking for these planet to be made out of as many recycled products as possible. Draw and label these on your plan.

Homework W.B 10.04.21

Happy Monday my little Superstars! Welcome to a brand new week. We have lots of new things to learn this week and I can’t wait to share all your success with you. Please complete homework and have it handed in for Thursday 13th May.

Reading: Remember to answer the Bug questions on each page.

Toucans: Yun and the Fire Demon 

Sloths: All at Sea

Chimps: The Cloud Rider (Chapter 1,2 and 3) 



Yellow Group: Your common words this week are tell, large, spell, still and saw. Choose 2 tasks from the spelling menu to complete in your homework jotter.




Green Group: Below is a picture of your core spelling words for the next 2 weeks. I would like you to complete a phoneme story using 8 of these words. Remember to underline the words you have used.




Numeracy: This week in numeracy we are learning how to compare and order fractions. Remember to do this the denominators (the numbers on the bottom of the fractions) have to be the same. You have been given a worksheet home to complete. Remember to ask me if you need any help.


IDL:  This week for topic you have been given the task to start planning and creating your own planet. This is going to be a project that we will be working on for the next few weeks. Please complete the sheet given to you.