Homework W.B 19.04.21

Welcome back Primary 3/4. I hope you and your families had a wonderful Easter break.  I can’t believe we have reached term 4 already!

Please find below the homework activities for this week. Homework is due on a Thursday. Can all homework jotters please be returned to school this week.


Please practise reading your book aloud at home. Complete any relevant bug questions. Remember we are all aiming for green.

Toucans: Adventure Kids: Chase in New York


Sloths: Dino-Spalshing


Chimps: Choose Me! (Page 1-15)




This week we are revising our common words. I would like you to choose 2 tasks from the spelling menu and complete these for Thursday.




Complete the worksheet given to you and hand in on Thursday. Use your times table square to help you if you are stuck. You can also ask me for any help throughout the week.



Our topic this term is all about Space. This week we are learning all about the planets in our Solar System. Remembering which order the planets come in can be difficult. I would like you to create a mnemonic for the order of the planets. Take a look at the example below. I am looking for this to be very creative. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Mercury                                           My 

Venus                                                Very

Earth                                                 Educated

Mars                                                  Mother

Jupiter                                              Just 

Saturn                                             Served

Uranus                                           Us

Neptune                                       Nachos

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