Our Weekly News – 24th September

Our Weekly News – Friday 24th September

Each week we will endeavour to share something from each class but this may not always be the case. For further details and information about our school, please head over to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KBTPrimary/
Primary 1F
P1F has been developing knowledge and understanding of stories. The boys and girls identified ‘who?’, naming characters . They worked to create Elmer, the main character from David McKee’s story.
We have also been developing our digital literacy skills. We practised our mouse skills ‘click and select ‘ and ‘drag and drop ‘. We had fun creating faces and pizza!
Jaiden said, ‘’I liked sticking the patches on Elmer.’’
Mirren said, ‘’I liked making pizza on the computer.’’
Next week, please bring an empty plastic bottle to school. This will help with a technologies project on the school ‘House Day’.
Primary 1M
Primary 1M went on a walk around the town as part of their Environment topic. We talked about all the buildings and places we saw on the way.
Evie L said, “I liked the walk because I got to see things I haven’t seen before.”
Charlie said, “I liked looking at the windows with the bars at the Tolbooth.”
Next week, please send in a plastic drinks bottle for Friday. We are going to be making lanterns.
Primary 2
P2 have enjoyed finding out about Kirkcudbright as part of their topic. We know St Cuthbert is the patron saint of Kirkcudbright and had fun spotting pictures of him and his name around town.
“We spotted St Cuthbert on the lantern and near the church.” (Ella)
“We saw St Cuthbert at the museum. We saw his name on St Cuthbert street.” (Cameron)
Remember to bring your reading folders every day.
Please bring a empty plastic drinks bottle – any size. This is for a lantern making activity.
Primary 2/3
In primary 2/3, we have been writing descriptions of our playground and our animal dens.
We really enjoyed their visit to the opera. We loved Bubbly McBee and Shauny.
We were learning to communicate and work as a team by moving tyres.
“I liked going in the Barrhill woods.” (Noah)
“I liked making the houses for the animals.” (Ella)
“We made a monkey house.” (Heather)
“I liked the opera show.” (Patrick)
On Wednesday we are going on an estuary trip. Helpers needed! We are leaving at 9:30am.
Primary 3/4
This week in p3/4, we have been learning about so many things, such as Malala’s story. She was shot by the Taliban in Afghanistan but luckily she survived and managed to help loads of women and girls go to school.
We saw a show about sea pollution and we wrote our own story about sea pollution to try to show people that by our actions our wonderful planet gets affected by this. To help our stories we added pictures about the show.
We have been working hard designing our own t-shirts about women and girls right to an education.
In maths, we have been very busy learning to order tens, hundreds and thousands.
Primary 4/5
We have been learning maths in the playground this week. We were using sticks and stones creating sums on the stones. We were using the sticks for lines of symmetry.
In class, we have been learning: note taking for report writing, taking part in mental matsh challenges using vertical sums and place value, and studying Kirkcudbright artists as part of our topic.
We got to see the Scottish opera on Thursday! They came on a massive lorry and told us a lovely story and sang. We were on the 6pm news!
“I enjoyed creating our own sums with stone.” (Lexi)
“I enjoyed making lines of symmetry with branches.” (Lucy)
“I really liked that they added dance moves in to the singing.” (Zed)
“They played the instruments in time with the singing.” (Alisha)
“My favourite was the bass guitar.” (Ethan)
Primary 5
We all went for a walk down our beautiful St Mary’s Isle to explore our local area. We sat on the rocks and used our senses to capture the atmosphere whilst sketching. On the way back from our lovely walk we were lucky enough to pass a farrier changing the shoes of two beautiful horses.
“It was exciting seeing the horses,” said Kirsten. “I loved watching the tide come in,” said Brooke.
Next week is Bike to School week and we can reduce our carbon footsteps.
Primary 6
Last Friday, we went to a Viking encampment trip. We learned how to make dyed wool and how to make string. We learned lots of things like how to fish, forge and baking. The thing we liked most about it was turning the quern stone.
On Thursday, we took part in some outdoor maths. We did symmetry using parts of nature. We also used our bodies to look at angles. We worked in groups of three to make different types of triangles.
On Wednesday, we did Liverpool Maths with Ross. We did maths activities like tangrams and polygonal shapes.
“Turning the quern stone was really hard work. I got my knees covered in flour.” (Jack H)
“We made angles with our bodies. It was great fun.” (Sylvie)
“Liverpool Maths was hard but we persevered and got there in the end.” (Kayla)
“It was fun making symmetrical patterns with materials from nature.” (Adam)
Primary 6/7
This week, the Active Schools Athletics Challenge was testing our skills. We were practising things like aim and sprinting. “PE this week was testing my skills and I enjoyed it a lot.” –Magnus
Ross from the Dumfries and Galloway STEM team came and gave us a visit with some fun maths activities for Maths Week Scotland. The majority of them were puzzles and the rest were brain games. “It was really fun. I don’t normally like maths but really liked the activities he brought.” –Abbi.
We were reading ‘Stormbreaker’ as our class novel. The book was all about spies and adventure. All of us really enjoyed it and Aimee said, “I liked it because there were a lot of a cliffhangers and that kept me interested.”
There is one week left to complete our homework projects, they are due in on Monday 4th of October.
Log into Sumdog at home and take part in the national Maths Week Scotland competition.
Primary 7
We took part in a COP26 workshop, looking at carbon footprints of countries and how we can all help the climate emergency.
We were writing reports about the features of Kirkcudbright.
We took part in a Funmaths problem solving workshop. We enjoyed all the fun maths activities.
Our song of the week is ‘Everybody Hurts’ by R.E.M. We really enjoy listening to this song, it is amazing.
“The maths was fun but challenging and you had to stick at it to get the answers.” (Lucas)
“The maths helped me work with a partner. We had to keep trying to get the answers.” (Gary)
“I enjoyed writing the report because I know a lot of facts about Kirkcudbright.”
-Maths Week Scotland – Log into Sumdog at home and answer as many questions as you can!
– Remember! Homework projects are due on Tuesday the 5th of October!

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