Scottish Land Commission survey

On Wednesday we had some visitors from Icecreamarchitecture working with pupils on behalf of the Scottish land commission during our wider achievement session.

The aim of the session was to raise awareness of land use, evaluate pupils opinions of present land use and discuss what changes they would like to see in the future.

We spent much of the time walking round the village in groups discussing different aspects of land use and collecting samples for reference later.

When we returned to the classroom, we reviewed the areas we went to and discussed the impact and benefit of each area of land.

The pupils then took part in a survey which assessed their understanding of land use in Scotland.

Finally the pupils were given the chance to voice their opinions about the future and discuss what changes they would like to see as they grow up.

The pupils involved had a great time and we would like to thank all those involved.

Term 3 part 2…

Pupils return this week from a short break, hopefully feeling rested and recharged. The days are getting longer and the spring flowers are appearing. Of course this is when the snow and storms still hang around!

As usual, there are lots of things planned this term and the senior pupils are focusing on exams and assignments. This term is when the hard work will really pay off in the exams.  Both the S4 and S3 pupils have been making subject choices for the following school year and staff have begun planning for the timetable change in June.

As usual we will endeavour to keep the blog up to date with information and interesting news.

Environmental science group

Dalry Secondary School has a W.A.A (Wednesday afternoon activities) group for the environment part of ASDAN. This group looks to improve their school and hopes that they can make the school more environmentally friendly. The pupils have plans to ask for more bins, plant more trees, pick up litter and more. The Pupils will be doing as much as they can to as much for the school and the ecosystem as they can. So far the group of 7 have: looked around the school for problems, brainstormed ideas for improvement, created posters, created this post and gotten useful information. We are undertaking 4-5 tasks in module 1, My Environment- Review and awareness raising, and plan to do the other modules soon. The other modules include: learning about the atmosphere, the urban environment, the natural environment and the wider environment. We will be taking action as soon as possible and hope that we can reduce the CO2 , plastic usage and the general problems in our environment.


  1. More recycling bins
  2. Plant fruit trees, and hedges
  3. Continue to develop the pond
  4.  An environmental campaign about improving the school


reflections on the Panto

DALRY SECONDARY – Cinderella Dec 2019

Dalry Secondary put on a performance of TLC Creative’s Pantomime Cinderella in December.  This was a hugely entertaining evening for audience and performers alike.  Virtually everyone in the school was involved in the production in some way – acting; sound and lights; scenery and set design; publicity and marketing; front of house……even hoovering up glitter at the end!  We are very proud of what the pupils achieved – both in putting on the show and in their wider learning as part of the Dalry team!

Term 3 begins

Happy new year and welcome back to our pupils for a busy and long term!

The S4 pupils have been busy revising for their prelim exams which they will sit next week. These are full length exams and will give them a taste of the real thing in May.

The S3 and S4 pupils also have a parents evening on Wednesday the 22th January where we will discuss their current progress and options for the following year.

During the week of the 20th January, the school will welcome a team of HMIE inspectors. The staff are eager to demonstrate all the wonderful things Dalry school offers.

S1-S3 reports should also be coming home on the 17th January, so look forward to post in their bags.

Teen Boost & HPV immunisations will be offered on the 29th January.

And finally, the half term holidays are from the 15th of Feb. to the 23rd Feb. with pupils returning on the Monday the 24th.


End of another term

At least we have reached the end of a busy term and a busy and productive year. Lots of activities have taken place this term and it is time to reflect and look forward to what is coming up next.

So far this term we have had:

The S4 biology/geography trip to Millport FSC

The S1 trip to Dumfries learning about Robert burns

Christmas jumper day (which raised £40 for charity)

The school panto

The Christmas dance

Finally we had the annual community Christmas service at Dalry church and afterwards the community were invited back to the school of hot chocolate and shortbread.

Looking forward to the next term, the S4 pupils will be sitting their prelim exams on the week of the 13th and there will be a school ski trip organised for later in the term.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.