S1-4 return to school dates

Week beginning 15/3/21   

Mon S1 normal timetable

Tues S4 normal timetable

Wed S4 music /art practicals (same pupils)

Thursday S2 normal timetable
 Friday S3 normal timetable
Week beginning 22/3/21 

Mon S4 technical practicals ( graph comm D+M)

 Tues S3 normal timetable
Wed S4 normal timetable am, music/art/technical practical subject (or study if no practical subject being studied)
 Thursday S1 normal timetable
 Friday S2 normal timetable

A new local magazine coming soon!

The Glenkens Primary schools are going to be creating their very own exciting and engaging current affairs magazine (as inspired by The Week Junior) during and beyond this lockdown period. (details of which will be sent to families shortly!)
To help create a really fantastic reading experience for our young people, we are also looking for members of our community that would like to get their creative juices flowing too! Please help us by sending in any short stories, poems, quizzes, photos, non fiction articles etc etc… really anything child friendly!
Check out www.the weekjunior.co.uk/see-inside for inspiration!
The deadline for our first magazine will be Fri 29th January.
Email Jenna Devlin gw08devlinjenna01@glow.sch.uk
with your pieces or for more information.