Leswalt does Scots Week – Virtual Style!

So we may not be physically in the same building, but does that stop the pupils of Leswalt Primary from taking part in their annual Scots Week Celebration? No chance!

The children – with the help of their parents- have been writing out their poems for the handwriting competition and creating their own artistic interpretation of their poem. Massive thanks must go out to all the families who have contributed their efforts to this. It is hugely appreciated.

Below is just a sample of some of the amazing work which has been emailed to teachers. Wow! We’ve very proud of you all.

To take things even one step further, we have our very own North Rhins Inter-School Burns Competition this Friday! Our invited judge for this year, the well-known Burns enthusiast Mr Alec Ross, has the unenviable task of judging the handwriting, artwork and recitations across our partnership. Mr Ross has already shared his Burns recitations, and given the back story to the poems, to help support our Scots week. I’m sure many of you have watched and enjoyed these!

This year pupils are working on:

p1 – Wee rid motor – Sandy Thomas Ross (8 lines)

p2 – Nessie by JK Annand (12 lines)

p3 – The Circus by JK Annand (16 lines)

p4 – Fireworks aff the castle by Matthew Fitt (20 lines)

P5 – Magic Pizza by Alison Fitt (20 longer lines)

P6 – The Whistle – Charles Murray (36 lines)

P7 – Any Robert Burns poem or excerpt of their choice eg To a Moose, Address to a Haggis etc…

Are you working hard on those recitations?

Can’t wait to hear you!

Tune in this Friday at 9.30am via Teams for our very own Scots TV!


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