Steven Spielberg – Eat Your Heart Out!!

Primary 5-7 pupils have transformed themselves into the next Steven Spielbergs! They have been working extremely hard with Mrs Copeland to produce short stop motion animations of our Learning Superheroes. The 5 learning superheroes tell us how to be a better learnerĀ and each one has a motto which spells out the word REACH – hence our school vision, values and aims statement is to ‘REACH for the Stars!’ There are 5 superheroes in total:

  • Tough Tina – “Resilience and perseverance are key”
  • Mike the Mistake Maker – “Every mistake is an opportunity to learn”
  • Learning Lola – “Always try your best”
  • Colin Concentration – “Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate!”
  • Tim the Team Player – “Help others and be a team player”

Pupils worked in small groups to write and produce a short stop motion animation for one of the superheroes. All of the animations were then put together to produce 1 class film. Click on the link below to see their masterpiece for your self – enjoy!