RSNO in the Rhins

Primary 7 enjoyed their first day at Stranraer Academy in the company of all the other Primary 7 pupils from the cluster.  The day had an enjoyable focus of Music, with members of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra travelling down to Stranraer to conduct a workshop with all the pupils.

Our pupils were singing, dancing, playing games, composing and learning about the orchestra and their music in a fun filled day.  After lunch they were joined by older pupils from the Academy who came along to listen to the final performance from the musicians.

All returned to Primary, more familiar with Stranraer Academy and informed and entertained by the orchestra.

Erin wrote a short recount of their day.

P7 Trip to the Academy for RSNO

On the 29th of October 2019 P7 went to the Academy for a transition visit to see the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.  The P7s got there on bus with Kirkcolm P7 and Mrs Gaw.

Firstly we sang a song called Bella Mama, and then we listened to some pieces of music and discussed what it made us think about. Then we played a game called Hip Hop. Then we had break in the canteen. After break we listened to a piece called A Soldier’s Tale. We also broke up into groups and wrote our own lyrics to Forward.  Later on we had lunch and we got a bit lost! In the afternoon the S4, 5 and 6s came in and listened as well, then we played another game of Hip Hop. Finally, before we left we went to see Rachel (Mrs Baillie’s Rachel. We really enjoyed the musical experience!

I really enjoyed the visit I would definitely go again. I am really looking forward to my next transition.

Erin Jamieson