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  • Taking the maths learning outside…

    The sun shone – yes really! – one morning this week and so we donned our jackets (well, it wasn’t THAT warm!) and headed outside to continue our Length, Perimeter and Area learning outside. Working in our maths groups, we each took our set activity sheet and a clipboard and set to work. Mrs F

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  • Super Sphero Sessions!

    This week, P5-7 got the chance to explore coding using Spheros. These are small spherical ‘robots’ which can be coded to move in any direction, light up in an array of colours, talk and play music! Ms Whorlow had introduced these cool gadgets to us at the end of term 2 and we were desperate

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  • ABCDE of Rights

    Yesterday, our children were learning about the ABCDE of rights as part of our Rights Respecting Schools gold journey. Its purpose is to show how the concepts of rights are universal, inherent, inalienable, unconditional and indivisible. Universal – All children have rights Inherent – You have rights since Birth Inalienable – Your rights Cannot be … <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> ""</span></a>

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  • Food Bank visit

    Portpatrick Primary School recently had a visit from staff on behalf of he Wigtownshire Foodbank. Children learned about how the foodbank works, what kind of food is most welcomed and who might use a foodbank. Our community were able to bring in a very generous donation to the school which was highly appreciated by staff … <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> ""</span></a>

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  • Sphero Robotics

    We’ve kick-started off our Sphero robotic and coding activities for Primary 5 – 7 pupils. We borrowed IPads and Sphero Block devices from Portpatrick Primary. What is a Sphero, you ask? Well, Sphero robots have many different internal parts that make them work such as motors, LEDs, encoders, processors, a CPU and Bluetooth communication module for connecting to phones, and a gyroscope that keeps it oriented. A small, wheeled robot<br><br><a class="more-link" href="">Read More</a>

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  • 3D Shape in Primary 6

    Primary 6 have been studying properties of 3D shapes with Miss Hunter. Working in twos’, pupils had to use their nets to construct a 3D shape. They then had to write how many faces, edges and vertices each shape had.

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Glow Blogs New “New Site” Functionality

The latest release of Glow Blogs makes a slight change to how you create a new site. There is an added choice when creating a site: You can choose between the Classic and Block editor. Choosing Classic will create a site with the default editor for posts and pages is the classic editor and the […]

H5P in Glow Blogs – News

The First Annual H5P Academy Awards were just announced. The winners in the different categories: Although they are all from higher education they give a good idea of how H5P can be used at a sophisticated level.  The winners are linked from the announcement. H5P updates There has been a new version of Game Map and […]

Glow Blogs Twitter Changes

Twitter/X keeps changing the goal posts for integration with other systems. Recently they have stripped out most of the functionality for free third party use.

Glow Blogs Updated 1 Feb 2024

Fixed an issue with Google Analytics, the ‘Sessions and Views in the last 30 days graph for last 30 days’ is now showing properly. There may still be a problem with very old blogs not being able to display the Analytics data. Fixed upload of m4a audio files in block editor Audio Block. Plugin updates […]

Glow Blogs Update: More Blocks & More

Glow Blogs has undergone an update, including fixes for various issues and notable improvements. Fixes Improvements Still to fix