Editor in chief Mrs Donald
Roving Reporters: Jack, Connor, Skye, Matthew, Kyle, Darrell, Azeem, Sean, Josh, MacKenzie, Sophie, Ryan, Emma, Drew








Info on p4

P4 are playing game at circle time. They are asking questions and swapping chairs to mix each other up.
Also they’re talking about a wind turbine it was very interesting.

By reporter Skye and reporter Matthew

Book Discussion By Mackenzie and Azeem

The book club were talking about how they were going to discuss what book they wanted to read…

They were going to talk about what type of books they liked to read and they were looking forward to the books and activities in the coming weeks

Reporter life in p1b by Drew and Emma
P1 were playing board games with their P4 helpers They were then singing outside, they played tig, they sang GoldiLocks and nursery rhymes.


Mrs Elins and the super Scots class

By Sean and Josh (roving reporters)
In Mrs Elins’s class they are doing Scots words out of books like the Broons, Oor Wullie and other books. They are also listing Scots words to the class to see if they know what they mean. Here’s a few words in Scots mingin, aye, cludgie and lots more.

Super Sewing By Sophie and Ryan

Mrs Clark was doing sewing as the discover and learn groups. They had different materials and they were all different colours. They also had little gems and buttons. Next they made little holes at the top of their material. Now they had to get a bit of string and hook it on to the needle. Some of them found it hard. Then Mrs Clark was teaching them how to sew the thread through without seeing the tread.


The life of P2/3 by Connor and Jack

P2/3 were finishing their tartans some of the them were playing with trains and cars. Mrs McQuade played a song on the whiteboard the children liked it and joined in.

The Magical Music by Kyle and Darrell

In musical theatre they were watching Annie.They liked the choreography of the dancing.They also liked the harmony of the singing and the rhythm of the dancing.

Our Roving Reporters are part of our wonderful new Discover and Learn iniative, the children selected this activity to develop their skills of using IT to improve the digital profile of our school. Today they observed activities, took notes, wrote their first mini articles, took photographs and “air dropped” articles and photos to the editor.