What is the Competition?

GamesCon is a competition for learners in Primary 6 and 7 and is to focus attention on how to keep children and young people safe online. The learners will work in teams of 4 and with help, (maybe  from a teacher or digital leaders in the primary or cluster secondary school)  will create a plan for a project that will be implemented in SCRATCH. The final program will be interactive, it could be a game , or animation that will show some aspect of the 5Rights initiative that the learners have researched. Learners will record their progress throughout the competition keeping photos, notes, any research findings, programme design, testing and debugging findings to bring to the GamesCon final.

The GamesCon competition will allow youngsters opportunities for:

  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Collaboration and contribution
  • Developing computational thinking concepts
  • Expanding their digital literacy skills


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