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Principal Teacher
Mr M. Swift
Mr M. Ali Mrs. M. Baines Mrs L. Davidson Mrs S. Dunn Mr D. Morrow Mr R. Preston
Miss E. Hely Mr J. Ralston Mrs A. Scott
Mr I. McNeil Mrs S. Moore Mrs C. Thacker




Broad General Education S1-3

During S1 pupils are taught History and Geography on a rota basis which involves them attending these subjects in blocks of eight to ten weeks for three periods a week.  S2 classes attend History and Geography two periods a week.   Mixed ability classes are used in S1 and S2.

In S3 pupils are offered more personalisation and choice, being able to study History and/or Geography which they attend two periods a week.

Pupils attend Philosophy for one period a week throughout S1-S4.


In S1 pupils begin their Geography journey by studying topics like world mapping, climate regions, weather and OS mapping. These topics provide pupils with a grounding of basic skills needed to continue their time in Geography.
Our S2 and S3 courses allow pupils a taste of the variety of topics studying both human and physical Geography including; Earth Forces, China, Population and Tropical Storms. Throughout these topics relevant and up to date case studies are used to encourage and maintain interest e.g. the Nepal earthquake in April 2015.


S1-S3 pupils are involved in studying a variety of topics including Celtic and Roman societies, Voyages of Discovery, World War I and the American West. Through these topics pupils will interpret sources, evaluate evidence and develop an understanding of bias and exaggeration. Pupils will also be given the opportunity to produce extended pieces of writing. During these topics pupils will be able to handle artefacts including objects from the First World War and Roman and Medieval armour. There is also an opportunity to enrich their studies by participating in trips such as the S1 Hadrian’s Wall Trip.


Our S1 courses begin their journey in philosophy by introducing pupils to the skills required to think like a philosopher. Units include an introduction to ‘The Self’, a skills-based group activity on decision making, an investigation into the paranormal in order to identify reliable evidence, and a case study of Martin Luther King. Pupils learn to evaluate evidence and information in order to formulate their opinions and decisions.

As part of progression in the Philosophy Department, our S2 course moves on to look at morality. Units include an Introduction to Morality, and we examine various case studies including animal ethics, crime and punishment. We also focus on religious phenomenon to discuss their likelihood. Pupils are encouraged to enhance their debating skills by applying their knowledge in the analysis and evaluation of some new and challenging ideas.

The theme of the S3 course focuses on Human Rights. Units include an investigation into Child Soldiers in Uganda, a case study of the Rastafari belief system, and a study of Islam and its portrayal in the current climate. The nature of the course is to recognise the role of Human Rights within these topics. Pupils learn the value of identifying what “rights” are and the crucial role they play in the diversity of cultures around the world.

S1 In A Nutshell

Senior Phase S4-6

Progression pathways:

S4 S5 S6
 N4 Geography/History

N4/5 Geography

N4/5 History

Higher Geography

Higher History


N4/5 Travel and Tourism

N5 Geography/History Higher Geography

Higher History

Advanced Higher Geography

Advanced Higher History

Higher Psychology


Higher Philosophy

Enrichment Choices

Modern Studies

Modern Studies will develop learners understanding of the world by studying people and their values, how society and political changes have shaped Scotland and the UK and by examining world powers and global issues.

The Modern Studies elective class will study:

Democracy in Scotland/UK: How democracy works in Scotland and the UK with a focus on the key constitutional debates – Scottish Independence and Brexit.

Social issues: Health and wealth inequality in Scotland/UK OR crime and the law in Scotland/UK.

International Issues: USA as a world power OR Terrorism as a world issue.

Pupils will be given the opportunity for personalisation and choice to study Modern Studies issues that interest them. Alongside developing knowledge, the Modern Studies elective will allow pupils to develop their skills of research, debate and presentation. Pupils will also begin to look at source handling questions and discuss the reliability of different source of information.

Full information on each course can be found in the Senior Phase Prospectus.

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