Using MS Forms for homework

This week I have tried out using Microsoft Forms ( for my pupil homework.  Forms is available within Glow .  It can be accessed found in theForm snip waffle in any of the Glow apps.  Or can be logged into at using Glow details remembering to add to the end of your username.

A sample from a N5 Physics one can be found here.

The ability to export the data from the form allows me to assess each pupils understanding or the understanding of the whole class.

Comments from the pupils have been positive.

Form comments

From this week I have learnt that it would be better to have maybe two FORMS with fewer questions rather than one long one.  This allows pupils to read the formative comments that are shown upon submission.  It also allows them to complete part of the work rather than having to do all at one session.  Statistics are provided regarding the length of time pupils take and correct responses for multiple choice or multiple response answers.

With an ability to embed images it would be better and hopefully this feature comes soon.

I have still to decide the best way to provide feedback on the responses.  Perhaps a OneNote page once we are up and running fully with OneNote.   Perhaps a post of Yammer of feedback or perhaps some audio feedback.

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