Chinese New Year!

We celebrated Chinese New Year last week!

We are learning about different cultures and traditions. We are also learning about the differences between other cultures and our own.

We had a Chinese banquet for snack and the children enjoyed trying vegetable rice, spring rolls and prawn crackers (the latter was definitely a hit!) They tried to eat their Chinese food with chopsticks which was a great fine motor challenge! Some of them went for a problem solving approach and tried lots of different ways to use the chopsticks!

We made Chinese dragons and dog masks in the craft area as it is the year of the dog.

We also tried to copy some Chinese symbols in the writing area. We are learning to hold our pencil using a tripod grip and use our looking eyes to look carefully at the symbol so that we can copy it on our own paper!

In the gym we tried our own dragon dancing after being inspired by some clips from a dragon dancing competition!



Dragon Dancing Inspiration:

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