Monthly Archives: September 2017

Soup Making!

We cut up some fruit and vegetables in the play kitchen last week and we decided to make a soup! We put all of the fruit and vegetables in a pan and the adults put it on the hob to cook. The soup contained pears, potatoes, white onions, spring onions, apples and a lemon. At the end of the session we blitzed the soup in the blender and we tried it! We thought it was yummy! (The adults weren’t so sure..!)


Out and About!

Last week we went on our first walk around the school grounds to practise walking in a line and holding our partner’s hand. We also had a look for shapes on our walk and took photos of them! It was pouring with rain but we didn’t care! We are learning to put on our waterproof suits and wellies by ourselves.

Buddy Time!

Room 6 are our designated buddy class this year. They come to play with us on a Friday. Sometimes they come to join in with our games and sometimes they bring fantastic story books to read to us! We are beginning to learn their names and build friendships.

We love having them to come and visit, they are so much fun!