Monthly Archives: November 2017

Santa’s Postbox

As it is December tomorrow the Nursery are proud to reveal their Christmas display in the main hall!

Faye, Isla J, Cael, Aria, Harvey, Kacper and Lexi painted the post box. Isla J and Faye stuck all the snow on the ground. The afternoon Nursery all helped to stick on the snow onto the picture and both the morning and afternoon children wrote “To Santa” on an envelope!
Lexi wrote the sign for the front of the post box which says “Post for the North Pole 22nd December.”

Well Done, Everyone! It looks fantastic!

Beep Beep Day!

Yesterday it was Beep Beep Day in Nursery which meant we were learning all about ROAD SAFETY!

We went on a walk to practise crossing at the zebra crossing and we wore stripy clothes to remind us that the stripes on the road are a safe place to cross.

We also practised crossing the road on the pretend road whilst our friends rode bikes, scooters and cars.

We must remember to hold an adult’s hand and to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN!

We also really enjoyed this video about being King of the Road!


This week as part of our animal project we are learning about pets!

Please feel free to bring in any photos of your family pets or objects linked to them (Eg. leads, bowls, toys etc).

Today we completed a Venn Diagram to show whether we liked dogs, cats or both and we also started sharing information our our pets from home!


Following the results of our parent/carer survey, today it was the children’s turn to have their say!

We had a thumb vote for each of the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators. The photographs are part of the SHANARRI display which can be found in the peg area.

Thank you again to all parents and carers who completed the survey!

Outdoor Water Play

On Monday this week we created an outdoor water canal using pipes. We transported the water from the bottom to the top and used the force of the water to help the boats float down!

We are hoping to build a more permanent water feature, dug into in the nursery garden which the children can use for activities like this and for building dams! If you have any ideas for how we could achieve this or if you would like to volunteer to help us with the digging and building just let a member of staff know!

Balloon Games!

In gym this week we have been using balloons to help us to practise our gross body movements. We tried keeping the balloon in the air using different parts of our bodies and we also practised our throwing and kicking skills using the balloons!

This is a great activity to try at home!

Our Busy First Week Back!

Last week was a really busy week in Nursery! Following the excitement of our Hallowe’en day (see previous post), lots of the children attended the Parent Council Disco, thank you for your support!

We also welcomed Miss Campbell, an MA3 Primary Education student who will be joining us in nursery for 4 weeks.

Last week we also had fun with sensory playdough. Adding oils or essences to your playdough makes it interesting and relaxing for the children to play with. We added peppermint essence to ours last week and the children loved it!

As you might be able to spot, a lot of the playdough this week was inspired by the hedgehogs that we made from saltdough before the holidays! The children made wonderful saltdough hedgehog models which they painted and we left them to dry out over the holidays. Last week the children created safe spaces for their hedgehogs to hibernate and they were invited to take them home to look after over winter!

We enjoyed playing with our buddy class on Friday! The children are starting to build positive relationships with their buddies and the older children are really supportive of our nursery children!

We ended the week with some Bonfire Night activities! We spoke about firework safety as well as creating amazing firework pictures which were displayed in the nursery. For snack on Friday we had Firework Apples! (Sliced apples dipped in chocolate and then dipped in sprinkles!) The children really enjoyed them!