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October Busy Bee Challenges

Our Busy Bee Challenges for the October Holidays:

  • Pass a ball back and forth, count your throws and see how many you can do!
  • When you are out and about, read road signs, menus and food labels to extend your child’s vocabulary!
  • Build a den in the woods using branches, leaves and moss!
  • Jump over waves at the beach on a sunny day!
  • Make a pretend microphone with a kitchen roll tube and sing along to your favourite songs!
  • Make a mask of your favourite Disney character and pretend to be them!

Remember, if you complete a challenge send us a picture on ILD or print one out for us to put on our PROUD CLOUD!

Last Week of Term!

In our final week of term we have been doing lots of exciting activities! We have had an Autumn theme in Nursery and we have been learning about leaves falling from trees and this has inspired lots of artwork. We have also been learning about the sorts of animals we might see in Autumn time. We made salt-dough hedgehogs which we have now painted. After the holidays we will be making somewhere cosy for them to hibernate!

We have been planting our Spring bulbs this week ready to brighten up the Nursery garden in Spring!

This week we have put some new and exciting fancy dress clothes into the role play area and the children have really enjoyed trying them out!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Please have a look at our Busy Bee Challenges for some ideas to keep your wee ones busy during the holidays!

Interactive Learning Diary

A quick reminder to keep checking your child’s Interactive Learning Diary portfolio! The app is proving popular among our parents too.

Please note than on android devices there is still some issues with playback of videos within the app. You can access the videos on the website until this issue is fixed!

If you are having problems accessing the site please speak to Miss Farmer!


Sensory Play

This week we have been playing with shaving foam in the messy play area!

We have been experimenting with lots of different sensory materials recently in Nursery including spaghetti, gloop, rice, non-Newtonian fluid, shaving foam and lentils.

It is a great way for the children to explore their senses and lots of the children find it very therapeutic.

The Great Nursery Bake Off!

Last week we did LOTS of baking! We had a birthday to celebrate, cupcakes to make for snack AND we made some white chocolate rice krispie cakes for the P7’s MacMillan Coffee Morning!

We learn so much when we bake!

  • We do lots of counting when we are measuring the ingredients.
  • We practice our fine and gross motor skills when we are stirring the bowl or spooning out the mixture into cases.
  • We learn about food and where it comes from.
  • We have lots of time to practise our conversational skills and it often helps us to share our learning from home!

Number Focus

Last week and this week we are learning about numbers! We are practising counting and also recognising written numbers.

The top marks website is fantastic for maths games which we play on our Smart Panel.

You could have a go at some of them at home! They are available here:

Aoife in the afternoon nursery cut out these fantastic play dough numbers!