The Science and History Behind Ardbeg Distillery

This year for my Endeavour I am doing The science and history behind Ardbeg Distillery.  So far I have made an I-movie I have also made a blog and I have started my posters and they are almost finished.   At the start of this project we all wrote letters to a certain person or people.  This year I wrote to Mickey/ Michael Heads to ask him for help with my project.  This year I got a reply for Mickey heads and he gave me lots and lots of facts about the distillery.  I have used the facts that I got from my letter and put it into my blog I also used some of it in my I-movie.  I think that I will need a few more Endeavour sessions to finish my whole project.




Charlie’s Baking Endeavour


This year for my Endeavour I have been baking cakes and tray bakes. So far I have written a blog and I have made balance sheets for the cakes that I have sold in the last few months. Endeavour is a long term project that we do every year. Every year we choose something that is challenging and not something that we have done already or too easy. In baking I had to overcome a lot of problems because I forgot to add some of the ingredients into the mixture.