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SMART Notebook 11 Service Pack 1 now available

This new update improves SMART Notebook 11 speed, responsiveness and usability.  It features SMART Response software updates and a new version of SMART Ink providing improved integration with Microsoft software.  This Service Pack update now adds support for Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and limited Microsoft Windows 8 compatibility.  If you have any questions please contact mailto:anne.forrest@steljes.co.uk

Promethean Storeroom Glow Group and ActivInspire

There is now a Promethean Storeroom on Glow.   This has been set up to help Scottish teachers find resources on Promethean Planet relevant to Scotland and A Curriculum for Excellence. 

 It can be found here: https://portal.glowscotland.org.uk/establishments/inverclydecouncil/Promethean%20Storeroom/default.aspx or by doing a search for Promethean Storeroom on the National Glow pages.

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Glow Announcement

At long last Scottish Government have announced the way forward for Glow in schools. As you probably know, the current Glow system was due to be turned off in September of this year, but no clear replacement had been identified. The current Glow contract with RM has been extended by 15 months to allow us all a breathing space while the new Glow 2 apps and services are made available. The contract to provide these free apps and tools has been awarded to Microsoft and will be based largely on the free tools that they have provided through their “Microsoft Live apps” service. The more surprising news is that they will only provide this service until 2014. Simultaneously, Scottish Government will be developing our own sign in and authentication service, which will let us include a more flexible set of tools possibly including those from Google, WordPress and others after 2014.

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Khan Academy

Every so often a new website pops up that seems like a game-changer. I am completely bowled over by the online teaching resources and the underpinning approach of the Khan Academy. Their mission is to make quality teaching available to anyone, anywhere in the world and they have received 1.5 million dollars from the Gates Foundation to help them achieve it. Aimed at older learners, Secondary school and beyond, they are rapidly adding to a bank of virtual whiteboard lessons mainly on maths, sciences and the humanities, but the list of lessons is already huge and growing rapidly. If you are a Secondary teacher in any of these areas, you cannot miss this site, it shows how teaching can be shared worldwide.