Christmas Carpentry at Sandbank Primary School

Primary 3 (Mainstream and Gaelic) and GM 6/7 from Sandbank Primary School are using their woodwork skills to transform a square of wood into a star with the minimum of wasted material. GM 6/7 have proved themselves to be responsible and trustworthy therefore they are making their stars as an independent mini-topic whenever they have a spare moment of the day. The younger pupils get their instruction during their Friday afternoon activity lessons.

Each pupil drew around a star-shaped template, then took turns to use a handsaw to cut down each straight line. Rough edges are sanded down, a hand drill will make a suitable hole so that it can hang from the Christmas tree. Painting and decorating will be the final skill, as is calculating the cost of production so that we can price them suitably in order to make a profit when we sell them at our Christmas Fair.
These processes will develop hand to eye coordination, steady hands when using tools, an appreciation of the need for safe practice, focus and concentration and the necessity of maintaining a safe and tidy working environment at all times. These beautiful objects will be on sale at our Christmas Fair, Sandbank Primary School, on Thursday the 12th of December, between 4-7pm. As you can appreciate, these limited editions of handcrafted stars may fly off the shelves very quickly, so come along and choose your favourite design. Comments from the pupils include:- “Very enjoyable.” “Occasionally frustrating when the saw gets stuck in the wood, but I’m making great progress.” “Fandabidozy!” Their teacher said, “Practical skills such as woodwork will help our pupils throughout their lives, giving everyone a chance to assemble flatpack furniture with confidence. Some pupils will undoubtedly choose a career using tools and requiring a high degree of fine motor skills; not just the builders and joiners, but our future dentists and surgeons too. The skills learned through our Christmas Carpentry project also transfer into the wider curriculum within the classroom too and contribute to a sense of self esteem and pride in acheivement.”
Written by GM6/7

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